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Comment: Re:The Car Dealership-Industrial Complex (Score 3, Interesting) 294

by RaySt (#48163813) Attached to: Michigan About To Ban Tesla Sales
If they had competitive cars to sell, they probably wouldn't mind so much - they'd just buckle down, and emphasize the value they bring to the table (perceived or real). But they don't have ultra-high-tech, hyped cars to compete, and now their lifeline is at risk. I'm not surprised they go this route.
But Tesla is in a better position here I think. First, nothing says "this product is awesome" than competitors trying to ban it. Second, they can up the game. I was an evil strategist, I'd start by building extra many free charging stations in MI, run a large ad campaign, then offer the car at a discount for MI residents.

Comment: Re:My experience (Score 1) 201

by RaySt (#36621168) Attached to: Could Amazon Reviews Be Corrupt?

the lack of integrity in the Amazon review process when obviously false or misplaced reviews are allowed to remain

So someone in Amazon's customer service department disagreed with you once, and now you're discrediting their entire process? I would like to call this a slight case of overreaction.

Personally, I've filed a few complaints with Amazon and they were well received. They once really surprised me even when I pointed out that for a product there were a lot of 5- star reviews by people with just this one review. Amazon pulled them all, seriously affecting the overall rating.

Comment: SOME shows are ad-free on Hulu (Score 1) 348

by RaySt (#34143218) Attached to: Hulu Plus Now Available To All — But Be Warned
Just thought I'd mention that. I was about to cancel my Hulu+ when I found out that the full x-files were available without ads. Yeah, Netflix has 'em too, but I really like the Hulu desktop app - one hotkey and it's on and it doesn't need a mouse. And they have more current stuff than Netflix - it's complimentary, really. Hulu+ and Netflix and you can kiss cable goodbye, unless you're also a Vampire fan that is ....

Comment: Re:Europe (Score 1) 348

by RaySt (#34143166) Attached to: Hulu Plus Now Available To All — But Be Warned

So NO it not just as easy as snaking a cable from your PC.

Why, yes it is. Hulu has a nice desktop app. You do need a keyboard (unless you have a full- blown HTPC with infrared), but no mouse. Even with my geriatric Win Xp, it routes sound through my onboard- HDMI once the TV is on and set as a 2nd monitor. I don't think that's geek territory but I'll concede that an extra device would be even easier.

Comment: Re:Not as clear cut as that (Score 1) 178

by RaySt (#33564260) Attached to: Frustrated Reporter Quits After Slow News Day

What are the negative consequences for her?

She's pretty much unemployable. She used national radio without permission to vent her frustration with the leadership. Any future prospective employer will keep that track record in mind -- how do they know she won't do similar when employed for them?

Depends. Maybe you're a good employer and sympathize with people in her position, in which case you might hire her as a celebrity that will promote you and your biz at practically zero cost.

Comment: Re:Why mining? (Score 1) 444

by RaySt (#33427004) Attached to: The Best Near-Term Future of Space Exploration?

Sending people underwater is much harder since you have to design your craft to keep hundreds or thousands of atmospheres of pressure out.

I'd think that's only a problem if you insist bringing lots of air down. For a robot, air spaces can be dramatically reduced, like building motors openly, or sealing the electronics box with a non- conducting liquid.

Comment: Re:who hasn't burned out? (Score 1) 602

by RaySt (#33417190) Attached to: Tech's Dark Secret, It's All About Age
41 yo coder here. Been at it for 17 years and started to think recently I had lost my youthful energy, getting depressed over the sloppiness of design/coding that I saw, seeing the place run over by Indians and super- smart college kids. Even had my salary cut by 20%. Turned out, I just needed a better job. Some ex- colleagues hired me. Nice, smart, fun people all around. Professional midlife crisis? No, sir. I love my job, and I FORCE myself to leave by 6 or seven and not log in extra hours on the weekend.

Comment: Re:Never even used one, went straight to generaliz (Score 1) 422

by RaySt (#28639097) Attached to: Standalone GPS Receivers Going the Way of the Dodo
I find it funny that you "never even used one" and then went for a cumbersome setup citing a weekend backpacking trip. A Garmin outdoor unit also lasts ~20 hours, on 2 AAs that is, can easily be read in bright sunlight, is rugged and waterproof (!) to boot, not to mention the neat extras like a barometer to improve accuracy. I can see the benefits for city or in- car navigation with cell phones, but outdoors, not a chance.

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