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Comment: Re:The real reason.... (Score 1) 167

by Raxxon (#46782705) Attached to: Anyone Can Buy Google Glass April 15

Given that it's Google anyone with half an ounce of sense realizes that they practically have the ability to print money and would have read the initial comment as sarcasm/humor. However since you seem to think I'm somehow mentally deficient with regards to this I have to assume that you either missed the point or just feel like being a pedantic jerk.

Either way since the 15th is now passed it's largely a pointless discussion to continue.

Comment: Out of scope I think but.... (Score 5, Informative) 104

by Raxxon (#46782611) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Which Router Firmware For Bandwidth Management?

Personally I've been enjoying Mikrotik. I don't think it's in the range for you because I'm 98% sure you can't load it on your hardware (I have a RouterBoard-based router/AP) but it's been damn solid and gives me WAY more features that I really plan on using... If you plan on upgrading routers at some point I'd suggest looking at them.

Comment: Re:SSC resurrected (Score 1) 238

by Raxxon (#46190493) Attached to: CERN Wants a New Particle Collider Three Times Larger Than the LHC

I've been waiting for them to do it. SSC was bigger than LHC to start with. My dad worked for a company supplying computers and such for the project before it was canceled. Never got the chance to go out there with him since I was a minor and not legally employable. :| If they do bring it back I know where I'm throwing my resume. ;)

Comment: Re:It's been attempted before.... (Score 1) 111

by Raxxon (#45744735) Attached to: BitTorrent Unveils Secure Chat To Counter 'NSA Dragnet Surveillance'

Never said it was efficient or effective, just that it was a "prior attempt" and indicated the shit storm that ensued. Had WASTE continued proper development they may have worked those issues out the same way ID Software did with the original release of DOOM (seriously, BROADCAST networking? ouch!)

Comment: Re:Multiple Reasons (Score 1) 465

by Raxxon (#42512305) Attached to: Death of Printed Books May Have Been Exaggerated

For older books, you would be correct to state that there is much more work involved. I was being a bit too generalist there, I should have specified that I was talking more about "current generation" publications. But in the 'current generation' of books while the printer file is not the same as the ebook produced, the conversion between the two isn't has complicated or as hard or as costly as the actual printing/warehousing/shipping of physical media.

The price not going down because they don't store the ebook the same way as a physical book they're wanting to reclaim warehouse space from is another point of "profiteering bastard". "We don't *have* to drop the price because we're making more money on this due to lack of paying as much for it".

Yes, in general this is another problem of "Make the Digital Business Model work like our old Physical Business Model" problem... Find a new business model. Try something new. Evolve. Invent. Adapt.

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