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Comment: Re:Yeah but..... (Score 1) 172

by Raxxon (#49221999) Attached to: Google Announces Android 5.1

That's the part that Google Licenses. You can't distribute their Services and Play because those aren't part of AOSP. That's where you put the hinge.

Yes you can download and install and distribute the OS. However most devices that do that aren't really well received. They tend to be low quality cheap knock-offs. Most vendors that sell Android devices need the Google Services and Google Play on their device and have a license to distribute those "Non-Open Source" components. The cheap vendors that are including these parts without proper licensing (and there have been a few, mostly China) are in violation and open to legal action.

Comment: Re:Yeah but..... (Score 1) 172

by Raxxon (#49221703) Attached to: Google Announces Android 5.1

I'm not sure how it's incompatible.

Requirement to be able to include Google Services and Google Play: You will make and provide a method for users of the device to install a build of Android that is untainted by any 3rd party applications in the firmware. They make the device with their standard extras and ship it. They provide links on their website for a download of the "same" firmware without all the extras and the firmware update tools to install it. The burden is then on the user or their designated 3rd party surrogate to flash the firmware to the device. Most people won't bother unless they have a geek relative or have the necessary tech skills to handle it themselves.

Now, I would expect that the Carriers wouldn't want to Warranty Support the devices at that point, but the Manufacturer would still be on the hook as long as you flashed their firmware with their tools. We're still "out of bounds" on certain things, but at least we'd have devices that didn't suck so much...

Comment: Re:Yeah but..... (Score 1) 172

by Raxxon (#49221665) Attached to: Google Announces Android 5.1

I'm not blaming Android/Google for anything other than not making a requirement that a "bullshit free" OS load be an option. If there were a firmware from Samsung that didn't have all the carrier/manufacturer mandated extras and BS added I'd be much happier and I'm sure some of the more tech-savvy users would be as well. Most of the people complaining that "Android Sux" are the ones who've never seen or used anything near an AOSP. They're fighting with Motorolla crap or Samsung crap or HTC crap. If Google made it part of the OS licensing that the vendor needed to provide something close to an AOSP load for their devices people could make a choice on using their "Branded Android" install or going with a "Native Android" setup.

As to "Why not Nexus".... Lack of SD card support and "small" internal storage. Tech specs that were (last I looked) a bit behind current flagship devices. In the case of the Note3 purchase: I can SSH into my servers when necessary and actually have a little bit of screen left after the keyboard is exposed because no one wants to make a device with a physical keyboard. And it didn't help that a friend had one of the Nexus phones that was RMA'ed 4 times in one year because the radio was crap. His wife's phone didn't have issues (another Nexus device), his did.

Comment: Re:Yeah but..... (Score 3, Interesting) 172

by Raxxon (#49221073) Attached to: Google Announces Android 5.1

From my experience with the Note3, yeah you can "disable" apps from showing, but not completely. They're still resident in memory most of the time and a number that I wanted to disable, the option to disable was disabled.

After rooting I found that they had cross-linked dependencies. Some of the apps I wanted to keep were dependent upon stuff in apps that I wanted to remove. Freeze/remove some of the carrier crap-ware and other things that weren't so crap broke. :(

Comment: Re:Yeah but..... (Score 4, Interesting) 172

by Raxxon (#49220503) Attached to: Google Announces Android 5.1

I own a OnePlus One. Don't have any issues with BS "carrier apps" or anything like that, because there are none (in general, some of the Cyanogen bits are a little 'special' at times).

Sucks that Google hasn't made a requirement for a "clean" version of Android to be made available for major devices. That's where probably 75% or more of the issues come in.

Comment: Re:My experience with Fios was largely negative (Score 1) 201

by Raxxon (#48889281) Attached to: Verizon About To End Construction of Its Fiber Network

I can't back that.

3 moves. 3 installs. 3rd install was to a house that already had FIOS (moved in with a friend, he's already got FIOS, I wanted my own link) and never had an issue. I use my own router (Routerboard running Mikrotik) and don't have any issues. Speed has actually been slightly better than what they're claiming to provide (when they "matched upload to download" I tested out having more UP than DOWN) and with the exception of their hardware upgrades for their "Quantum" speeds, no noted outages.

7 years so far, been worth the penny.

Comment: XDA Forums (Score 3, Interesting) 186

by Raxxon (#48844811) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Can I Trust Android Rooting Tools?

In general, if you're computer-savvy, hitting the XDA Forums will be your best option (IMO) if you're concerned about security. The SuperSU Package can be sideloaded into the device via manual ADB commands for most devices out there (some of them are considerably more difficult than others eg: Current Samsung devices with KNOX). I've owned multiple devices from several vendors and I have yet to have an issue with the posted information from the XDA forums. I would expect that anyone attempting to pass shit-ware in there would get found rather quickly unless it's a very niche device with few people actually interested in it.

Personally I've yet to use any of the "one click root" kinda options I've seen posted to various sites....

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