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Comment: Re:Go Apple! (Score 1) 338

by RawJoe (#34629270) Attached to: WikiLeaks App Removed From Apple Store

If it gets to the point where the product apple sells doesn't fit our needs, people will move on eventually

look at autos. they pushed bigger gas guzzlers on us and it eventually bit them in the ass. apathy and status quo took a back seat there.

i'm not opposing railing against the system. i was against the OP calling those people morally wrong/ignorant. once apple does something to actually offend the masses (not just us nerds) change will occur.

Comment: Re:Honor Amongst Thieves (Score 1) 352

by RawJoe (#33947946) Attached to: Thief Returns Stolen Laptop Contents On USB Stick

but there is nobody who "needs" a CD changer, that is just theft and vandalism and I really don't feel much need to excuse the guy the perp.

Maybe you don't "need" a CD changer. Maybe you need money that comes from selling the CD changer. You know, to buy groceries because your hungry and the car had no groceries in it.


Chinese News Reports the Taliban Are Training Monkey Soldiers 232

Posted by samzenpus
from the I-want-to-shoot-like-you-oo-oo dept.
According to a Chinese news publication, soldiers in Afghanistan may soon come up against a deadly new weapon in the war: monkey soldiers. The report claims that the Taliban are training the monkeys to shoot and kill American soldiers. They also claim to have pictures of monkeys holding AK-47s and Bren light machine guns. From the article: "The New York Magazine has reported about this in jest and stated on Friday, 'No invader has ever conquered Afghanistan, and now we know why. The monkeys will not allow it. It was a good effort, but it's time to pack it in. This is no longer a fight we can win.'”

Comment: Re:Checks (Score 1) 494

by RawJoe (#31494720) Attached to: Deposit Checks To Your Bank By Taking a Photo
I don't understand. I use Bank of America. Yes it's one of the big evil banks, but between my wife and I with 2 checking, 2 savings, 2 credit cards, and 1 mortgage, I've seen no fees. Never once for using on-line bill pay, never once for sending money to a friend. Like a previous post, the only time I've incurred a fee is when my overdraft protection kicked in.

Comment: Re:Ok NFL, I can take a hint (Score 1) 560

by RawJoe (#30987294) Attached to: Will Your Super Bowl Party Anger the Copyright Gods?
I think that's kind of an unfair estimate though. Some people would consider time at the line of scrimmage (before the snap) part of the action. Peyton Manning can chew up 20 seconds a play just standing behind center, analyzing the defense (and same goes for the defense analyzing the offense). Some nerds might find this a fascinating part of the action.

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