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+ - Your Right to Link->

Submitted by RawGutts
RawGutts (879317) writes "The Right to Link: the right to create, forward and follow links.

Why do we need a campaign to protect the right to link? Well moves are afoot in the marketplace that could lose our Internet freedoms that we have taken for granted till now. Most of us aren't even aware it's happening. These threats to our freedoms are coming from 'old' media, especially the print newspapers, at the expense of the 'new' media search engines, bloggers, social networks and any business that uses online information. These changes could even threaten our ability to function as a democracy by restricting access to information.

You can read more here and watch a video.

(Yes I copied from the website, I am just passing the word on to the people)"

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Comment: Print is out (Score 1) 70

by RawGutts (#26370217) Attached to: EGM Magazine Shutting Down

Most of those gamer magazines have 90% advertising ads in them and takes like 5 minutes to read anything worth while. Most of the time when I pull some of them out of the mail box and start reading/walking back to the house, I am done by the time I hit the door and it's in the the recycling bin.

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+ - Fun for Troops

Submitted by RawGutts
RawGutts (879317) writes "Hey everyone just wanted to get this out for our troops. Maybe the /. community can help them out. Some may not like our government policy and others may love it, but the bottom line the troops are stuck over there until they come home. Let them have some fun while over there.

"Fun for Our Troops is a nonprofit organization (501c3 status pending). Our mission is to provide high-tech, interactive FUN to the men and women serving abroad to protect our freedom, in the form of gaming systems. We believe that our contributions will aid in stress relief, relaxation, and the overall well-being of our troops. Our intention is for each recipient to not only share his gift with other service men and women but to pass the gaming system along to a member of the unit that will remain abroad after his/her safe return home.""

+ - AT&T Censors webcast

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mcgrew (sm62704)
mcgrew (sm62704) writes "Several outlets, including the Chicago Tribune (ironically with Registration required), Salon (also rather obnoxious), The LA Times, the WSJ and others are reporting that Pearl Jam webcast its Lollapalooza music festival Sunday "without a hitch" as the Trib says, until lead singer Eddie Vedder slamed George Bush. The Tribune reports

The performance, sponsored by AT&T Inc. and carried on AT&T's "Blue Room" site, omitted the lyrics "George Bush, leave this world alone" and "George Bush, find yourself another home" as part of a version of the song "Daughter," according to the Pearl Jam Web site.
AT&T claimed it was a "mistake".

Slashdot readers will no doubt cry that it wasn't censorship at all, since it wasn't a government entity that did the censoring. But seeing as how the multinational corporations are the puppetmasters of "our" government through its method of financing elections, I'd say any censorship by any MNC is a defacto government censorship."

+ - Black hole seen swallowing star (and belching)

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mcgrew (sm62704)
mcgrew (sm62704) writes "New Sceintest reports that the Swift satellite has detected GRB 070610. From the article:

A black hole has been spotted belching out a burst of gamma rays after gulping down part of a nearby star, something never seen before. Such violent burps may actually be the most common type of explosive "gamma-ray burst" in the universe.

Astronomers led by Mansi Kasliwal of Caltech in Pasadena, US, traced the burst to a star system in our own galaxy, where a black hole and a star slightly less massive than the Sun are orbiting each other.

Observing this black hole outburst from nearby would be a risky prospect. "If you were as close to the black hole as the [companion] star, things wouldn't be pretty," Kasliwal told New Scientist. "I don't think you'd want to be near it."
Raise shields, Mr. Sulu!"

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