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Comment Let's Stack These! (Score 2) 442

"Hey boss! How's this for an idea? We partner up with this company that will give us a bunch of free equipment to do unlimited data collection and then we get to pull over everyone they say owes monies. Then we get to pull them over and either arrest them or force them to cough up the monies plus more monies. Our arrest records will soar! And then if they can pay the monies we can use civil forfeiture to take the rest of the monies they have!"

Don't think they're not already rubbing their hands together with glee over all the money they can collect by stacking up the processes. It's all about the money and when they complain that they don't have enough officers to do the work up go the fines.

Sounds like it's time for the citizens to do a whole bunch of letter writing and protesting to make that go away.

Comment I just got my first 3D printer (Score 1) 101

I just got my printer this week. It's a home printer that's pretty much 'point and click' for operation. Thingiverse has a lot of files to use as I learn CAD.

The niche I see is toys. Lots and lots of toys. Different kinds of toys. If you have kids this is a great option. They don't need to be perfect, the filament runs me about $15 per kilo, and once it's running it just runs.

I'm planning on using it for prototyping some things for my business but the quality isn't there for production. But I can get the items right before sending them off to be printed on a 'real' 3D printer and save myself money and headache.

Was it worth it? Can I decide that after less than a week? Yes and yes. I think it's worth what I paid for what I want. And I won't use it all the time but I will use it consistently.

Comment Laws and Technology (Score 2) 728

Germany is perfectly correct that someone cannot stand up in a public square in Germany and state Holocaust denials. In Germany. This does not translate to a Spaniard making a video and posting it on YouTube where German citizens can view it.

That's the problem being faced now. The laws apply within a country's borders and they're trying to figure out how to apply them to technology that crosses their borders. In the previous example the Spaniard is doing nothing illegal. The German citizen may be by viewing the video - that would take a lawyer to answer.

Facebook is a social media platform. There is no one simple solution since there are millions of people posting their personal opinions at any given time. And lots of pictures of food but that's not as much of a problem. Germany is telling Facebook that it's their responsibility to enforce German laws across their entire user base. This is not practical nor is it right.

Sure. Close the Facebook offices in Germany. Don't allow German-based companies to advertise on Facebook. Fine. That's 'not doing business' with Germany. But they can't do much more than that unless Germany blocks all of Facebook. And we all know how well that works.

Germany needs to understand the difference here. They can't tell a Spaniard that laws in Germany apply to them just because they have something on the internet that Germans can view. It isn't going to happen and they need to focus on what they can control rather than what they cannot.

Comment I Built It (Score 1) 87

As part of a very long term project I built exactly what the article says doesn't exist - a way to track onboarding and offboarding in a single system. One reason why it was a long term project is that it took that long for the systems and departments to catch up and buy into central tracking.

My system passed every internal, external, and federal audit. It is still running five years after I left the company. I was hired back as a consultant to integrate the parent data when the company was purchased because it worked so darn well.

What does it take? It takes C level buy in and endorsement to build and maintain. It takes the ability to get user data out of existing systems to track accounts. It requires a way for supervisors to request the access specific to their needs. It needs to get current and accurate HR data for MACD (move-add-change-delete) processes. It has to be linked with some sort of tracking application such as a ticketing system so there's accountability and tracking.

It can be done. It has been done. It's not an off the shelf solution and it isn't something that can be done in a month. It's hard work, it requires dedication to keeping it current with new systems, and it's worth every minute and penny spent.

Comment I Wonder About This Too (Score 1) 242

I've been doin' what I do for about twenty years. I've kept up on the skills in my direct field but now that I'm looking for a job again I'm seeing that companies want a laundry list of things. They want generalists and not people who have deep skill sets. So that twenty-something kid who has dabbled in what's hawt has a better chance at it than I do because I've spent my time honing my skills rather than spreading them out.

So learn new stuff? Sure! But learning it on my own doesn't give me years of experience. It gives me 'some knowledge' of whatever it is.

I'm putting the onus back on the companies to decide if they want someone who can do quite a few things OK or a few people who can do their thing really really well.

Comment Resume grab (Score 1) 227

Between the spam emails and the phone calls from people who have such thick accents I can barely understand them I get far too many of these every week. They're out to get your REAL resume and I believe they get a bonus for every one they receive. There are no jobs - only headhunters.

I never opt out of the emails because then I would be confirming that they're going to a real, active email address and the spam would increase exponentially.

So I clean out my mailbox every day and have stopped accepting calls from unknown out of state numbers. They go right to voice mail. If they bother to leave a message I delete that too. Too many calls and they get added to my blocked list.

It's annoying, time consuming, and never going to stop.

Comment The customer is always .. screwed (Score 1) 329

Verizon finally got the clue that people don't want to be told what's in the bundles. So they decided to offer at least one that didn't have sports channels. Oh my the world is going to end if ESPN can't be on everyone's lineup.

I don't have cable at all. I don't need shopping channels, Spanish language channels, soap opera channels, Disney channels, sports channels, etc. Seems like I don't need cable or forced broadcasting at all. Maybe, just maybe, if I could find a bundle that had the channels I would watch then I might be tempted back but until then they can look longingly at my dollars and know they're not getting any of them.

Comment Re:this pisses me off about modern business (Score 1) 177

She was following company policy. I don't think her job is worth getting worked up over basic security on employee termination. If it were my company I would want that same kind of thing.

How can I blame her for doing her job? The blame (if there is blame) falls on the management for creating those policies. She has no input on those policies so I should personally blame her for them?

You sound more like the kind of person who yells at their server when a restaurant won't do some special thing that you want. Or at the store clerk who won't take back a return outside of their policy. The front line people aren't the ones to take your abuse.

Comment Trained to alert on command (Score 1) 409

Watching some of the videos people made of traffic stops and reading the stories you can tell that some of the dogs are trained to alert by their handler, not by what they sniff out on a search. Since that becomes probable cause they can do whatever they want. Enter civil forfeiture in all it's government sanctioned plundering.

I agree with the other comments that crooked police departments will stretch out the citation until another car with a dog just happens to be driving by the stop and decides to see what's going on. This doesn't change anything in those circumstances.

For all those who are innocent and falsely arrested because of these situations it will cost time and money to fight it and then to have the arrest sealed. For those who are doing illegal things it's going to be held up in court in some way or fashion.

The only way this would matter would be to put some teeth (pun kind of intended) into those situations where innocent people are impacted. Remove the arrest record, compensate for the false arrest, removal of the dog from the program, and sanctions for the arresting officers. Yeah right.

Note that I call out removing the arrest record or sealing it because just having been arrested can prevent people from getting jobs. Doesn't matter if it was a false arrest or not - it shows up. Especially if the police decide to make it a felony arrest because you know - drugs.

Comment Re:this pisses me off about modern business (Score 1) 177

When I was let go the HR person walked with me back to my desk; watched me shut down my computer (no doubt my accesses were already gone but I never checked); watched me pack up my personal stuff; and walked me to the door.

Was it pleasant? Of course not. But she was doing her job and I wasn't going to get upset about that. Had they made me come back to get my personal possessions I would have been much less than pleased and probably sent them an invoice for my time since I was doing work required by the company when I was no longer an employee.

Employers have to err on the side of caution. They have to protect their assets be they intellectual or physical. People who have been fired/laid off/let go can be upset and act in irrational ways. Better to be safe than sorry.

Comment EFF is very specific in their request (Score 2) 153

The summary (didn't RTFA so please forgive if there's more) clearly states the EFF is bringing up only those games that require a vendor-provided online service to get full functionality and that the vendor has discontinued support for that game. It's not a free for all to open up all games. Only those that the vendor has declared end of life, defunct, abandoned, etc.

Of course the vendors want people to buy the new version of the game instead of wanting to play the one they have. That's the big reason for their objection. It's also a big reason why they take down the online servers.

This shouldn't be that big of a deal. EOL a game, the online services become public domain.

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