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Comment Why were IT professionals the beta? (Score 1) 130 130

Wouldn't it make more sense to have users be the testers? The ones who use the products all freakin' day long? What do IT people know about how the product is used by the masses?

Oh wait. Microsoft. They don't care what the consumers really want. They want to look cool. Double fail.

Comment Resume grab (Score 1) 227 227

Between the spam emails and the phone calls from people who have such thick accents I can barely understand them I get far too many of these every week. They're out to get your REAL resume and I believe they get a bonus for every one they receive. There are no jobs - only headhunters.

I never opt out of the emails because then I would be confirming that they're going to a real, active email address and the spam would increase exponentially.

So I clean out my mailbox every day and have stopped accepting calls from unknown out of state numbers. They go right to voice mail. If they bother to leave a message I delete that too. Too many calls and they get added to my blocked list.

It's annoying, time consuming, and never going to stop.

Comment The customer is always .. screwed (Score 1) 329 329

Verizon finally got the clue that people don't want to be told what's in the bundles. So they decided to offer at least one that didn't have sports channels. Oh my the world is going to end if ESPN can't be on everyone's lineup.

I don't have cable at all. I don't need shopping channels, Spanish language channels, soap opera channels, Disney channels, sports channels, etc. Seems like I don't need cable or forced broadcasting at all. Maybe, just maybe, if I could find a bundle that had the channels I would watch then I might be tempted back but until then they can look longingly at my dollars and know they're not getting any of them.

Comment Write your Congresscritters (Score 5, Insightful) 209 209

Time to write your representatives and tell them you oppose this bill. Seriously. Go to their web sites and write them. The only way you can attempt to derail this thing is to be proactive and tell the people elected to represent your interests what your interests ARE.

Comment Re:this pisses me off about modern business (Score 1) 177 177

She was following company policy. I don't think her job is worth getting worked up over basic security on employee termination. If it were my company I would want that same kind of thing.

How can I blame her for doing her job? The blame (if there is blame) falls on the management for creating those policies. She has no input on those policies so I should personally blame her for them?

You sound more like the kind of person who yells at their server when a restaurant won't do some special thing that you want. Or at the store clerk who won't take back a return outside of their policy. The front line people aren't the ones to take your abuse.

Comment Trained to alert on command (Score 1) 409 409

Watching some of the videos people made of traffic stops and reading the stories you can tell that some of the dogs are trained to alert by their handler, not by what they sniff out on a search. Since that becomes probable cause they can do whatever they want. Enter civil forfeiture in all it's government sanctioned plundering.

I agree with the other comments that crooked police departments will stretch out the citation until another car with a dog just happens to be driving by the stop and decides to see what's going on. This doesn't change anything in those circumstances.

For all those who are innocent and falsely arrested because of these situations it will cost time and money to fight it and then to have the arrest sealed. For those who are doing illegal things it's going to be held up in court in some way or fashion.

The only way this would matter would be to put some teeth (pun kind of intended) into those situations where innocent people are impacted. Remove the arrest record, compensate for the false arrest, removal of the dog from the program, and sanctions for the arresting officers. Yeah right.

Note that I call out removing the arrest record or sealing it because just having been arrested can prevent people from getting jobs. Doesn't matter if it was a false arrest or not - it shows up. Especially if the police decide to make it a felony arrest because you know - drugs.

Comment Re:this pisses me off about modern business (Score 1) 177 177

When I was let go the HR person walked with me back to my desk; watched me shut down my computer (no doubt my accesses were already gone but I never checked); watched me pack up my personal stuff; and walked me to the door.

Was it pleasant? Of course not. But she was doing her job and I wasn't going to get upset about that. Had they made me come back to get my personal possessions I would have been much less than pleased and probably sent them an invoice for my time since I was doing work required by the company when I was no longer an employee.

Employers have to err on the side of caution. They have to protect their assets be they intellectual or physical. People who have been fired/laid off/let go can be upset and act in irrational ways. Better to be safe than sorry.

Comment EFF is very specific in their request (Score 2) 153 153

The summary (didn't RTFA so please forgive if there's more) clearly states the EFF is bringing up only those games that require a vendor-provided online service to get full functionality and that the vendor has discontinued support for that game. It's not a free for all to open up all games. Only those that the vendor has declared end of life, defunct, abandoned, etc.

Of course the vendors want people to buy the new version of the game instead of wanting to play the one they have. That's the big reason for their objection. It's also a big reason why they take down the online servers.

This shouldn't be that big of a deal. EOL a game, the online services become public domain.

Comment Libraries? (Score 1) 250 250

Isn't this something that's available in the public libraries? Which is 'internet for free' since it's already being paid for by the taxes that support the library. They also have these nifty things called 'books' that people can read for 'free'. I can see requiring free broadband to the libraries since that has the greatest benefit to the city but to give it to individual households so they can watch Netflix and surf porn isn't quite .. quite.

Comment Because they don't work well? (Score 1) 670 670

If you read the results when they publish stories about these drugs they're not effective for weight loss. Sure, losing 5% of your starting body mass in a year sounds great unless you can do simple math. If you weigh 300lb that means you'll lose 15lb in a year, just over a pound a month. Now read the pages of potential side effects and tell me that's a worthwhile medication.

Sadly the ONLY effective weight loss drug was amphetamine. They stopped using it almost 50 years ago. I think that it deserves another look as an effective weight loss drug. Yes it has side effects but all of them do.

For everyone doing the "eat less, exercise more" or "do this fad diet by cutting essential food groups" rhetoric - shaddap. I see weight loss drugs as a way to get a person down to near a healthy, maintainable weight and then they're done. During the assisted process is where counseling and monitoring come in. By the time they've lost the weight they have made lifestyle changes to keep it off.

Comment Follow the Money (Score 1) 1440 1440

Does the money for the 'texting while driving' fine go to the county or the state? It's a very important question.

Back when not wearing your seatbelt was a secondary offense (they couldn't pull you over for it but they could tack it onto another violation) a certain state had a record of dismissing the primary violation (money went to the state) while keeping the secondary (money went to the county). Revenue stream pure and simple.

There's such a thing as giving a warning. Texting at a red light isn't the brightest thing to do but it's also way down on the list of stupid things to do. The officer camping out at the intersection just waiting to pounce on these drivers isn't looking for the dangerous offenses, he's looking for the ones that make him feel important and show his authority to "those scofflaws".

Stick him on patrol duty somewhere out in the boonies on third shift for a few years and let him find ways to hassle people there.

Comment Re:Not really (Score 1) 1532 1532

While some congressmen need their salary, most don't. You generally have to be fairly monied to make it that far in politics, meaning that the pay isn't a big deal. Also the lack of pay is something of a hollow threat as in all cases I know of, they authorized pay for employees retroactively after the shutdown

OK - let's make them suffer for what they're doing to the government employees. Starting the first week of the shutdown and continuing every week they don't pass a bill (including getting it signed by the President) they forfeit their pay for that week with no chance of repayment AND they are penalized 1% of their gross personal income. That money goes towards paying for the federal employees who are without work while they play their games.

Hit them where it hurts and make them personally responsible for the mess they create. It might give them an incentive to play nicer.

Comment It's their civil war. We weren't invited (Score 1) 659 659

If they want to have a civil war it's their decision. No other country has been invited in nor have they decided to take action. There's no reason for us to do anything besides watch. Don't support either side and see where the chips fall. Then we can decide if we want to have friendly diplomatic relations with them or not.

There's always the option of trade sanctions after it's all over if that's the way we want to play it. Otherwise how about we solve a few of our own problems while we wait?

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