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Comment Re:Why is Slashdot so focused on counting penises? (Score 3, Insightful) 280

It's a legitimate question to ask.

No, it really isn't, and unless you can prove that the team organizers are checking competitors' pants, or that the evil Patriarchy Boogeyman is stopping women from competing, you just come off like a shrill lunatic with a massive chip on her shoulder.

That suggests that selection for the teams is either not based purely on merit, or there is some issue preventing more girls studying mathematics to the highest levels.

Or that, overall, women just aren't as good as men at math. It's a legitimate possibility; that you simply don't like it or feel threatened by it is irrelevant.

Comment Re:This has all the makings of a reality show (Score 2) 233

Strange comparison. After looking at the list of "candidates" (many of whom look an awful lot like those crisis actors that you see whenever there's a false flag operation), I was thinking this would turn out more like Lord of the Flies, but with more rape and murder (going with the pretend-it's-real angle, anyway).

Comment Re:Real men (Score 1) 430

there's also almost always a premium solution for a problem, which comes with extensive documentation and customer support resources

As was mentioned farther up this thread, those days are rapidly coming to an end. Less and less documentation is being given to users even for commercial, closed-source programs, with the expectation that "the community" will pick up the slack. In such a climate, how does it make sense to spend money on some "premium" solution when the documentation is just as bad as, or far worse than, its FOSS counterpart?

Comment Re:Read the source code (Score 5, Informative) 430

On the other hand, I've noticed a steady decline in documentation for commercial software too.

Many of them seem to be going the route of "community-driven" documentation; i.e., dropping the cost of the manuals (and everything related, such as tech writers, printing, and so on), and shifting the burden of educating new users to more experienced ones. This is more or less how most FOSS projects have been documented for years, though out of necessity rather than a desire to cut yet another corner.

Comment Re:Real men (Score 2) 430

Nobody said only FOSS projects have shitty documentation.

It was implied:

I've been out of computers as a serious home-hobby for many years and in returning I'm aghast at the state of documentation for Open Source projects.

Though it's possible that OP was in prison for 10 years (he doesn't actually say why he was out of home hobby computing), I didn't see any reason to jump to that or some similar conclusion.

No shit, troll.

That word. I do not think it means what you think it means. Calm the fuck down, kid.

Comment Real men (Score 4, Insightful) 430

learn how to use a program by reading the source code!

I jest, of course. It's not just open source projects that have this problem, though; plenty of commercial applications also have shit for documentation. The upside in open source being that you *can* read the source and build documentation from it, if you were so inclined.

Comment Re: RACIST! (Score 1) 514

tech companies are functionally closer to strict meritocracies

This would in no way explain the huge numbers of South Asians in their employ. The strange thing is, black or Latino Americans could be hired almost as cheaply as Indians, so the preference is to crapflood the market with imported labor in order to push down wages overall. Usually, he is indeed a shakedown artist, but in this case, Jackson is on the right track.

Comment Re:to a larger extent, this is culture war. (Score 1) 158

If it will make you stop whining:

The largely patriarchal narrative woven into the fabric of the american dream is that women are caretakers of children and roasters of turkey during holidays.

What's wrong with taking care of children? It's a hard fucking job, and one that I honestly hope you never have. This is changing, anyway:

Whereas the soviet union in the 1970's boasted much greater equality in the workplace in terms of female STEM headcount

[citation needed]

the US doubled-down on rhetoric, shuffled 'in god we trust' into the pledge, and made haste to forget rosie the riveter ever existed.

[citation needed]

We have an entire party in government that literally see women as uselessly inferior to men.

Are you suggesting that government is actually representative of the people? Because I'm fairly certain it is not (see also: the NSA, NDAA, FCC, and so on).

We cant even approach the idea that women are, in terms of sexuality, to be treated as equals to men.

Not so fast there, senpai. What's this "we" bullshit? Maybe you can't get your head around that concept, but the pronoun you're looking for is "I."

Womens healthcare at the local and state level is nothing short of an embarassing campaign to wipe the scourge of contraception off the map, at any cost.

This is pure hyperbole. Again, maybe it's true where you live, but there are 50 states in this country, and I'm going to go ahead and guess that mvdwege has never been to any of them ('recognised' gave you away as being a foreigner; we spell it 'recognized'), let alone lived in any of them long enough to know anything about it.

Colleges routinely hush up rape cases and take it upon themselves to redact student names and details of repression and reprisal.

Routinely? And you're saying all colleges do this? Before you point to a couple of high-profile cases, anyone else can just as easily point to a couple of high-profile cases where the woman was proven to be a liar. The problem is that such cases tend to be anomolous, which is why they make the news.

Its also sadly true that not a day goes by where a politician or religious leader claims to speak for reason when they ardently affirm rape can be 'legitimate' and its the womans fault.

You expect reason from politicians and religious leaders? Fantastic. Do let us know how that works out for you.

Our approach to womens education is inconsistent at best as women didnt get to attend military colleges until the 1970s, and it wasnt until 2013 that we decided they could not only participate in the military but actually serve a combat role.

This is a given. I would expect the military to evolve more slowly than the rest of society; it doesn't exactly attract the brightest bulbs in the box.

so yeah, if we ask ourselves why the deficit exists its because we have tacitly and communally agreed that women are inferior

Again with "we," and again, the pronoun you're looking for is "I."

, despite a thin veneer of nodding and applause for our insistent declaration that women are no different than men and can achieve anything.

[citation needed]

OP gave multiple, well-documented cases

No, OP did no such thing. Maybe something in that post triggered you to recall the narrative that the feminists have hammered into you, but read it again. Notice that there are no citations of any kind.

Of course, like a typical troll with no argument you just shout "t'ain't so!" and run away, while projecting your own moral bankruptcy on the other.

Trolls don't provide data. Unsurprisingly, you also haven't given any actual citations beyond mentioning the names of a couple of dipshits. Again, do you have anything at all other than strawman and ad hominem arguments? If not, please go back to I'm sure they love you over there.

Comment Re:to a larger extent, this is culture war. (Score 1) 158

I only gave one example because there's no need to refute troll posts point by parroted talking point. If you don't agree that even one piece of actual, reliable data is stronger than a million appeals to emotion, that's your choice, and I won't waste my time or bandwidth trying to convince you otherwise.

Comment Re:Translation: Slash 18K jobs, apply for 18K H-1B (Score 1) 383

Tech wages are stagnant or falling, neither of which would happen if there was a shortage that was being met by equally- or more highly-paid imports. This would indicate that the rules are being neither followed nor enforced. You are, of course, free to believe anything you choose.

Comment Re:Translation: Slash 18K jobs, apply for 18K H-1B (Score 4, Informative) 383

Sorry, but nobody checks any of that out, thus, there's nothing to stop any company from putting whatever they want on the form and then paying the employee much, much less. You didn't get fucked over because you're from the UK, congratulations. It's much easier to fuck over people, from third-world shitholes like India, who think $30k/yr is a lot of money.

I hope you're enjoying your time in the colonies, anyway.

What this country needs is a dime that will buy a good five-cent bagel.