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Comment Re:Not all new (Score 1) 244

Yep - I think multiuser started in 4.2.X It came with my Nexus 7 that I bought last fall in any case.
From what I was seeing, it now appears that we can put account restrictions on some accounts. That would be nice, that way I don't have to worry about my daughter putting the latest fairy garden game on my Nexus when I loan it to her.

Comment Re:Going to try to spot the scars (Score 1) 86

My 18" Obsession has both Argo-Navis DSC and Servo-Cat Drives, so it can both go-to and track.
It costs almost as much for the computer and drives as the rest of the scope =-)
I learned my way around the skies star hopping with a 4.5" and 10" dob (which I still have). But it is sure nice to be able to dial in an object, hit go to, observe it for a while, go drink some coffee/tea, come back, and still have the object in the EP.

Comment Going to try to spot the scars (Score 3, Interesting) 86

I'll get out my 18" f/4.5 Obsession tonight and see if I can spot the scars.
The last time this happened, there were black holes in Jupiter's clouds that persisted for several weeks.
Unlike the last time this happened, its perfectly clear here in the Carolinas!
Amateur Astronomers FTW!

Comment Not Really Punked, but still funny (Score 1) 218

I wouldn't call it something to the level of getting punked, but it is worth a chuckle.
Glad to see someone over at the Googleverse has a sense of humor and knows how to use it in a funny way without being too dickish.
Being a long time reader of the Oatmeal - I'm sure Inman also got a chuckle out of it and will probably respond in the next few weeks in an equally funny way.

Comment The Thing - Cheating Bitch! (Score 2) 231

Wasn't it a TRS-80 that Kurt Russell was playing chess against at the beginning of "The Thing"?
That totally cracked me up: "Cheating Bitch!" then poured his scotch into the case - I wanted to do that so many times when playing chess against that damn computer! Granted, at that time I was drinking Koolaid, but the sentiment was the same.

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