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+ - Is methane-based life the next big thing?

Submitted by Randym
Randym writes: With the simultaneous announcement of a possible nitrogen-based cell-like structure allowing life outside the "liquid water zone" (but within a methane atmosphere) announced by researchers at Cornell and the mystery of *fluctuating* methane levels on Mars raising the possibility of methane-respiring life, there now exists the possibility of a whole new branch of the tree of life that does not rely on either carbon *or* oxygen respiration. We may find evidence of such life here on Earth down in the mantle where "traditional" life cannot survive, but where bacteria has evolved to live off hydrocarbons like methane and benzene.

Comment: Re:Great Satan (Score 3, Insightful) 510

by Randym (#46018949) Attached to: Senator Dianne Feinstein: NSA Metadata Program Here To Stay
' "New terrorists are emerging, new groups, actually, a new level of viciousness," Feinstein said.'

Ah, yes -- that small vicious group that call themselves "The Congress". Vile bastards, those... Claiming to 'represent the people', yet imposing insult after insult upon the very people they claim to represent.

Comment: Sign the anti-censorship petition at change.org (Score 2) 548

Sign the anti-censorship petition at change.org. Currently it is accumulating signatures at the rate of 1 signature every four seconds. Today, Fifty Shades of Grey (virgin enslaved by a billionaire); tomorrow, Ender's Game (children enslaved by the military).

Comment: Re:Facts please. (Score 1) 548

You are incorrect. That particular smutpocolypse already happened in 2010. What they are going after now is things which are perfectly legal which seem "bad" -- and it's all being driven by some right-wing rag in Great Britain (you know, land of the page 3 girls...). If you are getting your news from the BBC, you are already a little late to the story.

Comment: Unlikely metabolism... (Score 1) 79

by Randym (#43407083) Attached to: Intraterrestrials: Mars Life May Hide Deep Below

'This organism has had to figure out everything on its own,' says Amend, 'it splits water into hydrogen and oxygen for metabolism.'

It's hard to believe that geochemist Dr. Amend said that about Desulforudis Audaxviator, since D. Audaxviator is completely intolerant of oxygen, and its sulfate reduction mechanism is right there in its name!

If anyone had bothered to follow the links in that discovery.com article, they would have found this useful article that quotes the original discoverers of Desulforudis Audaxviator: "Tullis Onstott classified the microbe under the genus Desulforudis for its ability to get energy from sulfate and its rod shape... Living deep underground for such a long time has also stripped D. audaxviator of the ability to use oxygen as an electron acceptor in its metabolic pathways, thus making it a strict anaerobe. Instead of oxygen, sulfate is used as an electron acceptor...These [2157] genes allow the microbe to live in almost all conditions except in the presence of oxygen." (my emphasis)

Comment: Life IN Mars (yet again) (Score 1) 79

by Randym (#43406835) Attached to: Intraterrestrials: Mars Life May Hide Deep Below

Here is my second comment entitled "Life IN Mars"; my original comment on this was so long ago that it has vanished. Let me merely add that eventually we will find life inside almost every extra-terrestrial planet-sized-or-larger object (assuming we get there), with the probable exemption of solar objects.

Comment: Re:The real problem (Score 1) 506

by Randym (#42323517) Attached to: Republican Staffer Khanna Axed Over Copyright Memo
Groen Links (Green Left) was decimated in Holland when it became clear the party had lost all touch with reality in supporting several right wing measures, forgettin they were supposed to be a LEFT wing party.

Not according to German Green Party founder Petra Kelly, who famously said "Not Left or Right, but straight ahead!" ("Nicht links oder recht, aber gerade aus!")

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