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+ - SPAM: Manchester United 3-0 Bolton Highlights- 1Goaltube

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Rvd10 writes: "It's match where a old player of Man United Paul Scholes made a come back to his team with a advance goal throug Rooney's pass against the Bolton.Manchester United at one moment looking little weak but after some time they have score two more goals through Denny Welback and Michael Carrick."
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Installing Linux On ARM-Based Netbooks? 179

Posted by timothy
from the super-easy dept.
An anonymous reader writes "I am sure that many other Slashdotters have noticed an increase in ARM-based netbooks over the past several months. For example, the Augen E-Go. It is a widely touted theory that it is impossible to install Linux on one of these notebooks, replacing the commonly installed Windows CE operating system. The sub-$100 netbooks carry decent specs, including 533MHz ARM processor; 128MB DDR RAM; and a 2GB Flash drive, as well as most expected netbook components (USB, Wi-Fi, etc.). I find it hard to believe that a computer with these specs is impossible to hack and install Linux to, but Google searches have been largely unsuccessful in finding proper information. Do any Slashdot readers have experience in installing ARM Linux distros to these cheap netbooks like this? If so, what distros do they recommend?" (In particular, I wonder if anyone can comment on Ubuntu on ARM.)

Comment: Re:javascript is good (Score 1) 531

by Randomly (#30289670) Attached to: Trying To Bust JavaScript Out of the Browser
Java Script requires so many additions you might as well revise the whole strategy. Along with the next release of the Java Script, defining a standard web virtual machine on which JavaScript is initially implemented could provide many advantages:

- Develop using the same language in the browser as you are at the server.

- Translate classes or assemblies to and from the web VM using technology similar to JNBridge, opening to the door to all Java and .NET languages.

- An XHTML element could specify the URL for a compiler or interpreter, providing complete compatibility initially and opening the door to many possibilities in future.

Comment: Re:Virtualize Javascript? (Score 1) 125

by Randomly (#28655121) Attached to: Microsoft Research Showcases New Browser Prototype, "Gazelle"
I'm referring to programmatic interaction with the browsers DOM interface once the document is loaded.

Why? Primarily because Javascript is an awful language. As the emergence of GWT and countless other web 2.0 Javascript API's indicate, there is a lot of work being carried out in Javascript to bring more interactive UI to web pages. There are a number of advantages that introducing other languages thru a .NET or Java VM could bring:

- Javascript is not a language that scales well to larger teams and projects. It's loosely typed, not strictly OO, no standard documentation support, the list goes on.
- Staying within the browser DOM enforces more searchable, indexable semantic content.
- Allowing other server side CGI languages, like Ruby, Perl to interact with the same language on the client side.

Perhaps I'm a bit off topic, this could be more relevant on the Silverlight 3 thread.

Comment: Virtualize Javascript? (Score 1) 125

by Randomly (#28653887) Attached to: Microsoft Research Showcases New Browser Prototype, "Gazelle"
Moving away from the DOM is ultimately going to confound searching engines and the namespaces they index. It would be nice to see Javascript running inside a VM - CLR or JVM, followed by other languages with the same access that Javascript has. Making Javascript a language under .NET in IE, perhaps using the Java VM for Javascript in Firefox etc. This may lend itself more readily to an indexable semantic web in the future.

+ - 300-MPG Jetsons Car for $30K by End of '08->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: You may have heard some of the hype last month when California-based Aptera let out first word of its allegedly super fuel-efficient (and cheap) Typ-1 electric vehicle. Well this video test drive and gee-whiz specs breakdown proves that this thing is for real: 120 miles on a single lithium-phosphate pack charge for 2008, with a 300-mpg model to follow by 2009. Aptera is also mentioned in Wired's new cover story as one of several early front-runners for the Automotive X Prize.
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+ - Philips Unveils CTSystem ThatScans Heart in 2Beats->

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Tech.Luver writes: "Royal Philips Electronics unveiled the 256-slice Brilliance iCT scanner, allows radiologists to produce high-quality images with exceptional acquisition speed, including complete coverage of the heart and brain. It is so powerful it can capture an image of the entire heart in just two beats, while incorporating Philips technology that has reduced radiation doses by up to 80 percent. Brilliance iCT and a new 64-channel system both feature Philips Essence technology, consisting of new X-ray tubes, detectors and reconstruction design elements. This technology can provide detailed and clear 3D images of an entire organ, including the heart and brain, and can also show changes over time. ( )"
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The Internet

+ - YouTube down

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: Wanna watch your favorite 80s video? Not this morning, as you'll only get "Http/1.1 Service Unavailable," at least on the East Coast of the United States.

And I really needed to see Reggatta de Blanc. . . .

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