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Comment: Re:dont think i want this.... (Score 1) 39

by RandomAdam (#49770733) Attached to: Daimler and Qualcomm To Develop In-Car Tech, Wireless Charging
Why limit it to 440V? It is much more efficient run 11kV; much smaller conductors etc..... there is the whole death element to consider if someone somewhere fucks around with it....but there are plenty of those things in every day living; petrol is massively toxic and is explosive yet we trust general citizens to handle it regularly.

Comment: Re:We all agree on ONE thing (Score 1) 177

by RandomAdam (#49580577) Attached to: When Enthusiasm For Free Software Turns Ugly
Sorry to burst the grey hair bubble there; but for those of us that started out on the ribbon is significantly better then the old way with all the options hidden from view. Having a set of commonly used tools available at all times is super useful. I'm sure that if you learnt on the old style of interface then you would be annoyed that things have moved....but well progress happens.

When using LibreOffice at home I am constantly having to google how to do stuff that I can find easily in excel. But hey that is likely because I use excel every day at work and calc once a week at most.

Comment: Re:Common Sales Slimage (Score 1) 170

by RandomAdam (#49573015) Attached to: Verizon Tells Customer He Needs 75Mbps For Smoother Netflix Video
Serious question (from a non-American); can companies in the states increase the amount they charge you without notifying you first?

I'm in NZ; I have a 30/10 fibre connection; my provider (Orcon) wont tell me about new lower cost options but advertises them on their web site so I check once a month or so. But there is no way for them to increase what they charge me without me signing up to a new plan. I pay $85/mth for unlimited. But they could never get away with tacking on extra fees etc... If there was ever a charge above $85 for a month I would be calling and asking what the hell it was for, and look at moving to any one of 12+ of their competition.

I know a lot of /. is US based; but sometimes the way you do things is confusing to me.

Comment: Re:The future is now. (Score 1) 155

by RandomAdam (#49388599) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Who's Going To Win the Malware Arms Race?
Well that is nice for you; my work computer can take anywhere from 3 - 25 minutes to boot; and there is no way to tell which end of the frustration spectrum you will be inhabiting on any given day.

Some mornings I hit the button and go make coffee; the computer is there waiting on my return ~3min; other mornings I hit the button make the coffee, come back, go use the loo, come back, play some games on my phone.....and then can start work.

I have a 4th gen i5 but am hampered by the slow ass spinning disk that depending on windows proclivities for the day either gets hammered and everything grinds to a halt or could chug along happily. Windows is too variable in its operating speed; all my personal computers now have fast SSD's so it makes the work machine seem even slower.

Comment: Re:Produce in your garden? (Score 1) 198

Really you make it too complicated; get seeds - plant seeds (tells you on the pack when to plant) - harvest produce that makes it thorough - don't buy that type of produce while you are able to harvest it.

We are growing a bunch of stuff; we are currently harvesting tomatoes; courgettes; beans and cucumbers. And have been buying very little of other veg from the supermarket for the last few months. We buy a little fish and meat once a week. Food costs are low this time of year and will probably go up a lot during winter. Why does it need to be an all or nothing kinda deal?

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