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Comment Re:The mass hysteria ... (Score 1) 282

Your adherence to the principles of eugenics is noted. For reference, my use of the term "wingnuts" is not based in economics or social caste, but in the adherence to an ideology which is empirically disprovable. Thanks for providing an example of such.

Comment The mass hysteria ... (Score 1) 282

... has always been on the part of the wingnuts. They perceive themselves as the ultimate "victims" while trampling the rights and lives of any who dare question them. Of course, they justify it all as "God's Will", while pounding the Bible and wrapping themselves in the flag.

Comment A conservative bias perpetuating dysfunction (Score -1) 277

It is no secret that law enforcement is populated with a largely conservative community. The attitude of, "we've always done it that way", tends to pervade conservative institutions. New ideas, even when supported by facts, are rarely welcome in such an environment. Or, as Stephen Colbert has observed, "Reality is well-known to have a strong liberal bias."

Comment Ad blockers really only block ... (Score 1) 519

... third party ads. If advertisers want to present their ads to the public, let them rent page space, like on a billboard. They can still track, though customized URLs, where the clicks came from, but will no longer be able to directly intrude on the relationship between the user and the page owner.

Comment So much to really consider (Score 1) 837

A per mile fee doesn't take into account the loading a particular vehicle puts on the road surface. Tolls discriminate for access. I say forget fees, forget tolls, institute trolls! Just have them eat the Hummers and other such offenders! It's just another great spin on the highly regarded "eat the rich" strategy.

Aren't you glad you're not getting all the government you pay for now?