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+ - Boeing Told to Replace Cockpit Screens Affected by Wi-Fi

Submitted by Rambo Tribble
Rambo Tribble (1273454) writes "The Federal Aviation Administration has ordered Boeing to replace Honeywell-built cockpit screens that could be affected by wi-fi transmissions. Additionally, the FAA has expressed concerns that other frequencies, such as used by air surveillance and weather radar, could disrupt the displays. The systems involved report airspeed, altitude, heading and pitch and roll to the crew, and the agency stated that a failure could cause a crash.

Meanwhile, the order is said to affect over 1,300 aircraft, and some airlines are baulking, since the problem has never been seen in operation, that the order presents "a high, and unnecessary, financial burden on operators"."

+ - Researchers Develop Purely Optical Cloaking

Submitted by Rambo Tribble
Rambo Tribble (1273454) writes "Researchers, at the University of Rochester, have developed a remarkably effective visual cloak using a relatively simple arrangement of optical lenses. The method is unique in that it uses off-the-shelf components and provides cloaking through the visible spectrum. Also, it works in 3-D. As one researcher put it, "This is the first device that we know of that can do three-dimensional, continuously multidirectional cloaking, which works for transmitting rays in the visible spectrum." Bonus: The article includes instructions to build your own."

+ - Compromised To Serve Malware

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes ", the official website of the popular cross-platform JavaScript library of the same name, had been compromised and had been redirecting visitors to a website hosting the RIG exploit kit and, ultimately, delivering information-stealing malware. While any website compromise is dangerous for users, this one is particularly disconcerting because of the demographic of its users, says James Pleger, Director of Research at RiskIQ."

+ - Widespread Chernobyl Radiation Risk From Forest Detritus

Submitted by Rambo Tribble
Rambo Tribble (1273454) writes "It is being reported that forest detritus, contaminated in the aftermath of the 1986 Chernobyl disaster [abstract], is decaying at a much slower rate than normal, building up and creating a significant fire risk. This, in turn, is creating a real potential for the residual radioactive material to be distributed, through smoke, over a broad area of Europe and Russia. Looking at different possible fire intensities, researchers speculate, "20 to 240 people would likely develop cancer, of which 10 to 170 cases may be fatal". These figures are similar to those hypothesized for Fukushima."


Submitted by Neil Flesch
Neil Flesch (3831467) writes "“In MITCHELLVILLE, Iowa — The Police Department is offering a new program to fight teenager drug use. They are giving parents free drug testing kits. The program is called “Test my Teen.” The test checks for the 10 most common illegal drugs like marijuana, cocaine, and meth. Parents can pick up vouchers at the department to order the kits online. Parents only have to pay for shipping. The test can be performed in less than three minutes.” Source: whotv.

Today, when I read this news, something in my intimate, reminded me of an old saying that, in other words, is something like this: “Worthy of yourself is whom acknowledge mistakes, doing everything for repair them at the right time, not harming the March of Truth”. What is your honest opinion about this news of whotv?

My intuition keeps telling me that we still maintain the serious defect of continuing with the old and bad habits, to always fight the effects without worrying (read more)"

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+ - Kicking the Tires on 5 Free Python Editors->

Submitted by Nerval's Lobster
Nerval's Lobster (2598977) writes "With so many options for Python editors out there, which should you use? Over on Dice (yes, yes, we know), developer and programmer David Bolton takes a look at five free Python editors, many of which are cross-platform: Eclipse plus PyDev and other plugins, PyScripter, Eric Python IDE, PyCharm Community Edition, and CodeSkulptor. He finds PyCharm "slick," Eric Python loaded up with some cool features, PyScripter nicely simple, and so on. "I’m leaning toward Eric because it’s just so full-featured, but that’s a personal preference," he writes. Everybody might not agree with his conclusions, especially given the popularity of Eclipse, but he does give an overview of what's out there."
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+ - Google Partners With HTC for Latest Nexus Tablet

Submitted by Rambo Tribble
Rambo Tribble (1273454) writes "The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google is partnering with HTC for its upcoming 9-inch Nexus tablet. Shunning larger manufacturers like Samsung, speculation is that Google is trying to mitigate the effects of market dominance by one firm. When asked for comment, a Google spokesperson only responded, "There’s room for many partners to do well and to innovate with Android.”"

+ - Natural Born Killers: Chimpanzees and Murder Explored

Submitted by Rambo Tribble
Rambo Tribble (1273454) writes "Our fellow members of the family Hominidae, chimpanzees, have long been known to engage in murder far more frequently than most of our primate cousins. The reasons for this have been much debated, with many seeking to point blame for the phenomenon on humans, for a variety of reasons. New research suggests that the proclivity for this intra-species killing is innate [Nature abstract]. Quoting one researcher, "It's a natural behaviour — it's not something that we've induced by disturbance or intervention." The BBC also reports on the findings and the controversy."

Comment: Of course it is. (Score 1) 232

by Rambo Tribble (#47927875) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Have You Experienced Fear Driven Development?
Fear has been effectively used to manipulate and manage humans since before recorded history. It has marshalled armies, driven religious conversions, mass exodus, and chilling human sacrifice. How would you imagine so effective a tool might be abandoned by those who would control their fellow man, for their own gain? Every day we are pummelled with fear-driven political ads and "news" broadcasts. Even our parents use fear to manage their upstart offspring. Fear as a tool of control is, I fear, here to stay.

+ - Browser to Facilitate Text Browsing in Emergencies

Submitted by Rambo Tribble
Rambo Tribble (1273454) writes "Programmers at Fast Company are developing the Cosmos browser to allow text browsing from Android phones when networks are buckling under the load of local disasters. A common phenomenon when disaster strikes is the overloading of cell and data networks by massively increased traffic. The Cosmos browser is intended to facilitate using SMS text messages, which often still get through in such circumstances. To quote one developer, "We want this to be a way for people to get information when they're in dire need of it." Sort of a Lynx comes to Android affair. The Smithsonian contemplates the possibilities, here."

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