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Comment: what? the.. FUCK? (Score 1) 408 408

How is it stealing? Wait is this that geographic bullshit again where if you are in a different country you cant watch a show because of.. reasons?
That make absolutely no sense at all?
You think they would be happy that people are paying for it..

Look at this, piracy is bad, ok so we pay for it with netflix.
now thats bad too.. at any time is the consumer going to win..

oh i see what i did there.

The consumer is NEVER going to win.

Comment: To state the absolutely bloody obvious (Score 1) 463 463

1. Why arent EXE files blocked by mail servers? Even inside zip files? If you really need to send an exe file by email you need to look at your process.
2. Why are exe files allowed to run from temp directories by default? Microsoft, you need to make it a "chore" to download and run executable files from a mail client. You have to jump through hoops to run executables from a browser, but browsers arent really the hijack vector anymore.
3. Backups.
4. Backups.
5. Backup your machine. Your computer is about to break soon. If you have that mentality you will be good to go. Treat your computer like a tool thats about to break. Keep your backups ready to go.

Comment: Re:Blindness / Bad Idea (Score 2) 376 376

An accident waiting to happen can be applied to anything sharp, hard, fast, heavy, chemicial, high voltage or high current or controlled by a human. What a stupid riposte to a cool new technology.

The dangers of this have aready been taken into consideration, being a lot of safeguards and cut offs that fail safe. Your response has been used against anything possibly dangerous that has ever existed or been created. You must be a conservative.

If it's not in the computer, it doesn't exist.