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Comment: Multitouch is *NOT* new (Score 2, Interesting) 237

by Railek (#23126972) Attached to: Eee Is 1st Windows Laptop To Support Multi-Touch
I don't get why people have trouble remembering actual breakthroughs until someone like Apple buys out the technology - multitouch has been out for YEARS on Windows, Mac OS X, and I believe Linux.

The REAL inventer of the technology is Fingerworks, who had a whole lineup of the products - everywhere from full keyboards (Touchstream SP/LP) down to "small" 8"x6" multitouch surfaces. They even had a replacement keyboard for iBooks that replaced the ENTIRE keyboard with a multitouch surface.

Their gestures are also much more advanced than what Apple is now offering, and it quite pisses me off that I can no longer buy the truly advanced hardware without shelling out $800 on eBay on a good day (The Touchstreams in good condition typically reach $1200).

Their website is now rather barebones since they were bought out a few years ago and it's since been revealed that it actually was Apple who bought them. You can see a full list of what gestures they were actually able to support at http://www.fingerworks.com/touchstream_gesture_guide.html - and that's not even the least of it - since the drivers were open, you could even make your own gestures!

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