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Comment Look at the last few seconds of the video (Score 5, Informative) 150

Come on people, why so much discussion and speculation? It is printed in black and white, plain as day: Frostbite game engine footage representative of PlayStation 4. Not actual gameplay. During the final few seconds where you see âoelearn moreâoe, the game studio logos,etc. Case closed. Discussion over.

Comment Interesting, but... (Score 1) 187

I thought the PC gaming market was shrinking thanks to the console market. The fact that there is a new DRM system that has not been cracked is to be expected isn't it? DRM systems get more complex and sophisticated over time, so it's hardly a surprise that this one is taking longer to crack.

As a long time PC gamer (since the mid 80s) who has never owned a console, I've always bought my games. I LIKE having the box and the CD, and I have no issue paying for something that brings me hours upon hours of entertainment.

In the rare cases where DRM breaks the game (only seen it once personally), I just brought it back to the store.

Comment If you enjoy it, do it. (Score 1) 451

I used to be a Mechanical Engineer. I decided to change careers when I was 32. Computers had always been a sort of hobby for me, and a topic I found interesting; although truth be told, much of my early exposure to PCs was gaming. I worried initially that doing my hobby day in day out as a profession would make me like it less.

Now, having been in IT for 9 years, I can say this: Best move I ever made . I go to work everyday and work on cool technology, solve complex problems, learn constantly - and get paid for it.

Comment How far back does PRISM go? (Score 1) 208

You know what I can't stop wondering? Remember a few years back, all those stories about undersea cables being cut?

I realize that these cables are not part of the US infrastructure, but I can't help wondering. Especially now that we find out that the UK has an internet snooping facility in the Middle East:

Am I being overly paranoid? Quite possibly. I'm just saying that my disbelief can only carry the weight of a finite number of coincidences.

Comment Redundant? (Score 1) 163

Not sure what this would accomplish... tracking of an individual? The moment the target steps out of the subway, they could track them via cell towers. Read data off the SIM card? Go for it, I don't store any data on my SIM... my phone's internal memory has all the space I need. Also, if I'm a thief, the first thing I do after I steal a phone is remove the battery, and possibly throw away the SIM. What else could they hope to accomplish with such a system?

Comment Upload my movies? (Score 2) 371

Just how much bandwidth do they think we have? Almost all home internet packages are capped, and don't get me started on how long it would take to upload a Blu-Ray. So in addition to paying their extra fees, I might have to pay for the extra bandwidth needed to upload my own movies as well... It's a nice idea, but not thought through very well.

Comment Every child in America a potential Terrorist (Score 5, Insightful) 720

"Suspicious communications using VOIP or communicating through a PC game" Seriously!? Communicating through a videogame? By that definition every single child who plays online computer games that allow them to talk to others is a potential threat. I wonder what that means for all those who play Modern Warfare and the like? Maybe they're TRAINING to be terrorists! The US lawmakers sicken me.

Submission closed->

Ragnarok89 writes: "Yet another streaming website has closed it's doors today. is no more, only a short note remains:

Dear QuickSilverScreen Users,

It is with much regret that we arrived at the decision to close QSS, we'd like to thank all our loyal users for their support, it's been a blast :)

We apologize for this disappointment, but under changed circumstances we feel that we can no longer continue.

Thank you again for all the Support."

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