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Comment: Re:Are you sure? (Score 1) 831

by Ragica (#48249635) Attached to: Debate Over Systemd Exposes the Two Factions Tugging At Modern-day Linux

KDE has overwhelming support by linux users, considering how many choose it despite it not being a default in hardly any distros. Gnome 3 and Unity have overwhelming rejection just about everywhere you look, but it didn't stop most of the distros listed from pushing it on their users. Because the mostly monolithic leaders of the most-used distros choose something, or do not choose something, doesn't necessarily mean it has support -- they sometimes choose for their own reasons, which evidently do not always sync with their users short-term or long-term interests.

The Debian divide at least shows Debian has some healthy level of non-monolithic leadership... until the divide splits them into two more-monolithic camps.

Comment: movies vs space (Score 3, Funny) 200

by Ragica (#47994423) Attached to: Why India's Mars Probe Was So Cheap

It's disturbing all these comparisons between the budget of Hollywood movies and a space program. It's ridiculous... the space program may aim to eventually travel to the stars, but Hollywood movies are MADE FROM stars. Imagine if space programs had to build orbiters and probes out of actual stars... now you get the picture. The precious resource that Hollywood movies are made from far outshines any glorified firework.

To look at it yet another way, Gravity took US ALL into space, in a way that probably felt more real to us than if we had actually gone into boring old space. Whereas the Indian mars orbiter didn't take anyone, not even Matt Daemon. It might send back a few snapshots and data hardly anyone will be interested in. We won't even get a T-Shirt out of it. There is no comparison.

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by Ragica (#46314151) Attached to: Open Source Video Editor Pitivi Seeks Crowdfunding to Reach 1.0

Kdenlive is awesome, and has been awesome for a long time. Even when it was horrifically unstable it was still better than anything else on linux (and usually resumed right where you left off when it crashed). And it's been awesome all this time without constantly begging for money.

It seems like another tragic blind spot in the larger linux community for superior KDE based software, thanks to ubuntu and other distros with their gnominess.

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by Ragica (#45226097) Attached to: How Safe Is Cycling?

Another person checking in to say he's done all of these things. And it's really not that bad in most cases as people who have not done it seem to think.

First of all, most of those weather conditions are actually very rare. Even bike communiting every day in Canadian winter is not that bad in a city. Most roads are sufficiently poughed, that snowfall depth really is irrelvant (just make sure you have suitable bike tires). And you'd be surprised how warm you stay when cycling; it was often more of a problem for me being overheating than being too cold in the winter. That's why dressing with layers is key! So you can adjust...

Significant rain (at last where I am, which is pretty average) is usually not an issue. Rain comes and goes; shift your schedule slightly and watch local weather radar and you usually can find a relatively tame window to travel through. Days where it rains hard all day are relatively rare.

Other weather is mostly a matter of some simple gear. People would be amazed when I'd show up from a torrential downpour on my bike, get into the office and strip my rain pants, shoe covers, and rain jacket, gloves, wipe my glasses & face, and be 100% dry. It's no big deal; but just an alien concept to them. The people driving to work could be wetter than me! (Because they had to run from their car parking.... and where not equipped for the weather.)

Riding a bike year round makes you very intimate with weather, and it's not bad at all (usually). In fact it feels quite wonderful to have that connection with weather, and not be controlled by weather. I describe above staying completely dry biking in rain; but actually the other lesson you learn is that actually it's not so bad being wet either! You just go with it and learn not to worry about it...

Most of the people complaining about bikes never try it! Try it! It's great, and a whole new perspective. (Unless maybe your bike is exceptionally crappy.)

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by Ragica (#44810257) Attached to: Linus Responds To RdRand Petition With Scorn

I appreciate your attempt to apply logic, but apparently Linus did already prove the premises, as stated in your post, to be incorrect (or incomplete).

Your premises seem to assume rdrand is the sole source of random numbers; Linus explained that it is not the source of random numbers, but just one possible source which is mixed up with other sources in such a way that a single input is essentially meaningless. "Long answer: we use rdrand as _one_ of many inputs into the random pool, and we use it as a way to _improve_ that random pool."

Now, you (and they) need to prove that LInus' premise and/or conclusion is false.

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I check out a lot of ebooks from my library. It's pretty great. The main problem is that libraries don't have the technical ability to serve the books with DRM and whatever licencing agreements are required... so they farm the digital service to a third party. And that third party (Overdrive) is a virtual monopoly source for libraries... every library I know of around the region I live in uses Overdrive ... and have mostly the same books on offer. It's like Overdrive is the Amazon of ebook lending... only with even less competition.

Besides the technicalities of serving ebooks in an out-moded artificial physical book model (limited numbers of copies available, limited borrowing time), it's probably managing the adobe-controlled DRM (another monopoly) that is the biggest hurdle. I only hope in the future things become saner, and can be more diverse again. Both for publishers & readers... and reading devices.

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Just an FYI on point one, in case you don't know. GoodReads will email you a handy monthly report of all new books by authors you've shown interest in on their site. Their recommendation engine can be helpful also, though it is kind of wonky. All this and they aren't even trying to sell you anything (though they do have links to buy via "partners"... i've never used them.)

Comment: Check the Source, Luke (Score 1) 590

by Ragica (#43837659) Attached to: PETA Wants To Sue Anonymous HuffPo Commenters

Lets see... New York *Post* (tabloid, basically) is the source of the info. Actual article linked is on the Yahoo "Contributer Network" (content farm). But PETA, favorite slashdot whipping boy, is in the headline; with vague indication of freedom-of-speech issues. Yep, this is going to be big on Slashdot, better promote it immediately.

Queue the endless stream of weirdly rabid PETA hate... 3... 2... 1... go.

I know RTFA is not to be encouraged, but y'all might want to head over the the Post article in this case. It has a picture of half-nude PETA protesters, for no good reason, that you'll probably enjoy laughing at featured at the top of the pathetic and insubstantial little article. After that you might enjoy the current top story on there when I loaded the main page: about local bike shops being run out of business by rich corporate bike-share programs in New York. Serious stuff!

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