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Comment: Re:Taking a hint from the last election (Score 0) 881 881

With the new filibuster rules in the Senate all it takes to stop a bill is one person saying that they will filibuster. Then you need a super majority to move forward. While there was a couple times that there was a Democratic super majority on paper most of the time there werenâ(TM)t 60 Democratic senators to break a filibuster.

Comment: Re:Do companies really use Big Iron anymore? (Score 5, Interesting) 230 230

I watched an IBM mainframe service tech remove the jacket of his three piece suit, roll up his shirt sleeves, strike up a propane torch and re-sweat the solder joints on the copper pipe for the water cooling system of an ES/9000. I don't know what they are like these days, but 15 years ago those guys were amazing. They had to know how to repair every piece of hardware that IBM made, and how to troubleshoot every operating system.

Comment: Re:i would *like* to be an astronaut... (Score 3, Interesting) 229 229

I hold a PADI rescue diver certification and have made several dives to 95+ feet. I have never used trimix. 5 ATM is 4 ATM of water pressure and 1 ATM of air. You add 1 ATM for every 33 feet so 4 ATM of water is 132 feet - the limit for recreational diving. If you want to go deeper or you want to stay down there for more than a few minutes you have to get in to technical diving and then you can learn to use trimix. Anyone with an advanced certification and a deep specialty can get to 5 ATM of pressure.

Also, 1 ATM is 14.7 PSI. So 5 ATM is 73.5 PSI. Still enough to crush you and to keep you from breathing through an unpressurized hose, but not hundreds of pounds per square inch.

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