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Comment Are we there yet? No. (Score 1) 232

Friend of mine just dumped Comcast and bought an Apple TV. I helped him get it set up. Netflix? No problem. Just about everything have to subscribe to over cable to get permission to watch via stream. It's a stupid, outdated model, but content providers will have to be dragged kicking and screaming into our brave new streaming world. HBO seems to get it, but the price is a bit high IMHO.

Comment Smart move. (Score 5, Interesting) 207

Assuming it costs $20 to check each car (about a half hour of mechanic time) that's less than $2 million. They're getting a ton of good publicity, good will from their customers--we like to buy stuff from companies that don't want to kill us--and if one of these belts fails and leads to a death they could easily lose that much in just one lawsuit.

It's as if Musk is asking himself "How would GM handle this?", then doing the opposite.

Comment Re:I was raped... or maybe had my ass grabbed (Score 1) 399

That's a great argument in favor of this app. Not likely that anyone will go through normal channels to report a quick ass grab. But if Drunken Frat Guy is grabbing an ass or two every weekend, that's a problem, and this app makes it trivially easy for his victims to document his behavior. I don't see that as a bad thing.

Comment Re:Children or not (Score 2) 200

I live next an elementary school, posted speed limit is 20 mph between 7:00 and 5:00. A few months ago they installed a sign that displays your speed and flashes a bright strobe if you exceed 20. 24/7. You'd think it would be trivial to add a timer to a device that contains a plethora of LEDs and a radar gun, but apparently not.

Comment It should be... (Score 1) 183

Back when Century Link was Qwest, our service died and it took two on-site visits-that I had to be home for-to determine the problem was in their base station. My compensation for 5 days without service, hours of staying home to wait for their tech, and a couple hours navigating their "service" phone tree? (They closed our ticket when the first tech was dispatched, so I got to go through the whole process twice.) Nothing.

One of the techs who came to our place mentioned that our distance to the base was beyond the DSL spec, which explained our slow data rates. I switched to Comcast a couple days later.

Comment Sounds like you need pay-to-play (Score 1) 554

If most of your EV drivers don't need to charge at work, most of them won't want to pay for it, and that will free up spaces for the long-distance commuters. I don't think the free market is the magic bullet that solves every problem, but in this case it seems like the right tool.

Comment (Score 1) 262

You don't want to keep your iPhone forever. iOS 9 is not compatible with anything older than the 4S. My 4S is 3 years old, when iOS 10 comes out next year I doubt it will run it. So if unless you like running an unsupported OS and old apps, 4 years is about the limit.

"Pushing it through the throats of customers" is a bit hyperbolic, but not entirely inaccurate.

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