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Comment Re:What Type of Truck? (Score 1) 223

Thanks for making my argument for me:
There are those who need pickups for their work. Yep. And if they're independent contractors, they're traveling to job sites all over the place, sometimes an hour or two away. Which gets scarily close to the range limit of current EVs.

There are those who use primarily for recreation, sporting activities Yep. And often it's a two or three hour drive to the lake or trailhead. Next.

There are those (like me) who have an old pickup but its not the primary driver And they're not going to pay the electric premium for a vehicle that only gets driven a few times a month. The payback in fuel and maintenance savings will be several decades.

There are those who are simply truck enthusiasts Sure. And they've been clamoring for an electric pickup. Really?

There are some who found a small pickup to be more economical than a car Yes, and they all lived in the '80s. The Toyota Tacoma starts at 23 grand and gets 24 mpg highway. There's a crapload of new cars that are more economical.

Look, I'm not on an anti-pickup jihad, but the assumption that because Americans buy a lot of pickups Tesla needs to build one doesn't stand up. I'm sure there's a market for an electric pickup, but I don't think it's big enough to be worth chasing at this point.

Comment Re:What Type of Truck? (Score 1) 223

I agree, the writer just made an assumption that "truck" = "pickup". Pickup buyers are not going to go electric, it's not in their DNA. At least not in the near future. But electric delivery trucks would make a ton of sense. Limited range shouldn't be an issue, and the reduced fuel and maintenance costs would offset the upfront expense. Even the time saved from not refueling would add up.

Comment Re:Great Parents!! (Score 2) 307

Yes, it's weak methodology, but better than nothing. And if there was an impact from marijuana use, you'd expect there to be some indication, even though the methodology would make it difficult to quantify how extensive it is. The fact that they found no significant variance in scores indicates that's because there is no effect....or the vast majority of the 1588 participants lied about their drug-use, for no reason.

Comment I don't care how good the phone is... (Score 1) 154

I just can't get past the Metro look. Maybe it's just me, but when I look at the screen all I see is squares, I have to examine each one to see what app it corresponds to. If I were colorblind, it would be even worse. With iOS or Android, I can glance at a screen full of icons and instantly find what I'm looking for, because the icons are much more distinct from each other. I find it very hard to believe MS did any usability testing and concluded they were giving users what they want.

Comment Re:If DHS were not idiots... (Score 2) 77

I don't see why you wouldn't want long loiter times and high fuel efficiency in a border-patrol drone. That said, I agree a Reaper is overkill. 300 mph, 1100 mile range, $17,000,000 each.

Seventeen. Million. Dollars. That. Is. Insane. There are companies producing large civilian drones that cost orders of magnitude less.

A drone should cost much less than a piloted aircraft. Since it doesn't have to carry a pilot, in can be much smaller and lighter. Fuel permitting, it can stay aloft longer, as you can easily swap pilots without paying for a co-pilot. Part of what wrecked the light aircraft industry in the US was liability issues. Since drones don't carry humans, it's not a concern. Drones are a good tool for the job, but the Reaper is not the right drone.

Comment Re:Actually, if you read TFA.... (Score 1) 184

From TFA: "What the public didn’t know was that Midgley had recently spent six weeks in Florida, golfing in the sunshine in an attempt to clear his own lungs of lead particles."

I can't tell you what Midgely believed, but lying by omission is still deception, and he was not forthcoming about his own health issues due to lead. You don't have to be getting rich to have a financial incentive. I'm not getting rich, but I have a financial incentive to show up to work.

Comment Re:Never Saw Them as a Child (Score 1) 400

Really, I don't remember it being big in the culture at the time. No one I knew talked about it, and all that came later, in the eighties. one I knew talked about it, and all that came later, in the eighties.

It may not have been a big deal to you, but it was a big deal. The theater that showed it in my town had huge lines for weeks. It was the biggest grossing movie of the year. Until ET was released in 1982, it was the highest grossing film of all time.

Comment Actually, if you read TFA.... (Score 4, Interesting) 184

...he was indeed lying for financial gain, because he was suffering from lead poison and was quite aware of it. What he honestly believed is impossible for us to know, but if honestly believed lead was harmless he was deliberately ignoring evidence to the contrary. The fact that some scientists mislead others (and perhaps themselves) out of love for money or their pet theories, doesn't mean all scientists behave the same way.

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