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Comment It's hell on your immune system too (Score 1) 174

I quit smoking 20 years ago, and now I miss work due to illness once every few years. I sat in on a medical conference back when I smoked, and it seemed like every presenter ended with "...and we never see this disease/condition in anyone under 50...except chronic smokers." I quit soon after that.

Comment Re:Well, Apple knows a thing or two about innovati (Score 1) 535

Yep, I respect some of what Lutz has done but he's a dinosaur. Batteries get cheaper every year, by the time this is in production (won't be 2019) they'll be much more affordable. Electrics aren't the fad he thinks they are. The car business needs shaking up, glad Apple is taking a shot at it.

Comment Analogy fail (Score 1) 255

No one is being asked to give up electricity, and nobody cares if they're electricity comes from burning coal or unicorn farts. There all alternatives to burning fossil fuels, and we should be pursuing them. No one has to "give up" anything....except maybe some profits for oil companies. Boo-hoo.

Comment $7? Not likely (Score 2) 324

I can buy a 32 gig thumbdrive for 9 bucks. Apple is buying in quantity, 32 GB chips couldn't cost them more than a couple bucks. Screwing your customers for a few cents is a great strategy if you don't want them coming back, this is a stupid move on Apple's part. I was seriously thinking about upgrading to a 6S, now I'm going to hold off.

Comment Always with the "saving the world"... (Score 1) 167

I'm so frickin' tired of that (looking at you, Sherlock Holmes sequel!). Can't we have a movie about some people, or elves, whatever, who just want to loot a dungeon, and maybe along the way they run into something bigger but does it have to be The Whole World Hangs in the Balance? Basically The Hobbit, but less sucky?

Comment I hate auto climate control! (Score 1) 417

I've only had one car that had it, and yes, temp sensor troubles wacked it. Even when it worked it sucked...set temp for 70 degrees, fan blows at FULL SPEED until cabin temp hits that point. Unless I'm freezing or dripping with sweat, I really don't want to hear the fan that badly.

I have a great temp sensor--I call it "me"--and adjusting the temp takes all of two seconds to move my hand the 10 inches from the steering wheel to the temp knob. Honestly, auto climate is an expensive, buggy solution in search of a problem.

Comment TFA is right: Mobile phones suck (Score 3, Interesting) 145

Look, I love my iMobilePersonalComputingDevice, it does an unbelievable number of things pretty darn well. But as a phone, it sucks. The sound is terrible, the form factor is less than ideal for a phone conversation, the connection can be spotty. For a 5-minute quick check in it's fine, but I had a friend call me yesterday for what turned out to be a 2-hour heart-to-heart about the meaning of life, and it was excruciating.

Yes, texts and other media are often superior to voice. But part of the reason millenials don't like to call is that the phones are terrible. Given the design constraints inherent in mobile devices, that's probably not going to change.

Comment I don't mind ads, but... (Score 4, Insightful) 519

Being a slashdotter in good standing, I have the option to turn off ads here, but I don't, because I find Slashdot's ads harmless and unobtrusive. But lordy, some sites I go to they're insane, causing the page to constantly reload, while my CPU and hard drive churn away full-bore. How can they expect people won't want to block ads like that? Seems like it's grown worse in the last few months, these stupid advertisers are driving me to block their ads.

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