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Comment Re:Professor? (Score 1) 458

I'm always wondering if that's actually a problem or not.... There are ofcourse some downsides to it, but if people had more of a say, wouldn't we just amplify the prisoners dilemma to an epic scale? everybody would just vote what's best for them, not the community, taking everything down with them.

Comment One of the worst words in the english language (Score 0) 63

Maybe it's because i also speak french (but neither english nor french are my native language), but connoisseur.... wtf. When i first heard it used in Futurama, i actually thought it was a small joke of an english speaker completely mispronouncing a french (connaisseur) word, trying to sound smarter than he was, but it's an actual english word 0_0. I cringe every time i hear or read it.

Comment Re:It might help if courts took hacking seriously (Score 4, Insightful) 40

Just wondering, what dus 50k systems mean in this context. Is it like downloading 50k mp3's (sounds impressive but isn't, you can automate most of it), or is it he put serious work and did serious damage to each of those systems (would be quite a full time job with lots of overtime though).
Just write 1 good worm and you'll have "hacked 50k systems"... It just sounds like some stupid number that's supposed to sound impressive, but has hardly any meaning.

Comment Re:Feminism ruins society again... (Score 1) 599

Then how would you handle hostile environments for such minorities in the fields?
I just heard about something similar in a far less controversial situation: a woman who likes birdwatching who started a group for female birdwatchers to enjoy doing it together. She was sick of the male birdwatching culture that can be very belittling to others, certainly women, and it's things like that that keep women from then joining such activities, making the male domination & problem even worse.
It's just a vicious circle, a majority starts with a behaviour that drives away the minority, and the inequality rises.

If you see a better way to handle such issues, i'm curious :). For now i'm thinking "well done for making your own bird watching club for women so interested women won't be immediately chased away by the men".

Comment Re:MOOC = massive open online course (Score 1, Informative) 87

Ooh, it took quite long for a troll to come at me for not remembering the acronym.
Can't say i read that much about such courses to remember the acronym (although after looking it up it did sound familiar). If you feel that's enough to have a go at me, good for you, you must feel really special and good right now :)
*enough feeding trolls*

Comment Re:what will be more interesting (Score 1) 662

"Something strong enough to make him regret he did it and be exceptionally careful about it in future"
Sounds like an idea, but your suggestion of "forfeited his 6 months pay and made him apologize to producer on the show" is just ridiculous. He did the second, and would hardly notice the first.
He just ruined his own show, i guess he'll now regret he did it and be exceptionally careful about it in the future.

Comment Re:what will be more interesting (Score 4, Insightful) 662

What planet do you come from, and how do i get there?
On this planet greed is one of the main things people are more than willing to shove their ethics aside for. Most companies if they can choose between the ethical thing (throwing JC out), or keep profiting from him since he's one of the main stars, will choose the latter. Greed and ethics often conflict, and it's nice to see a big company go for the ethical option.

Comment Re:what will be more interesting (Score 5, Interesting) 662

I love it how when a big company for once doesn't choose for the money but actually takes a stance against a star misbehaving, and then everybody is like "sucks being them, they'll lose a lot of money over this".

Do we want them to be ethical, or just chasing money no matter the consequences? Either of both appear to be the wrong thing to do it seems.

Comment Re:Self-Driving problems... (Score 1) 451

Odd, i was thinking the opposite way. Have some selfdriving cars be modified a bit extra by the police (with some proper calibration of everything, and some extra sensors), and you've got near permanent police presence on every big road. And it's no longer just people driving to fast past a speed trap that get caught, but all other antisocial behaviors too. It'll make the roads hell for human drivers who are used to being jerks on the road :).

Comment Re:Ok then... (Score 5, Insightful) 247

There are ways to go about it, but this isn't it...

I'm curious, which ways are that?
I find it hard to say what to think about such people. They're on the far end of the scale, but they do have a point. We all react more strongly to some things than to others, and they focus on that. What i'm wondering most, you start off by calling them crazy, but are they? Seriously, prove them wrong (or rather, they're being proved right a bit more every day). It's just not the immediate end of the world as they may view it, but is being more sensitive to such things being crazy?

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