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Comment Separate the security from the device (Score 2) 116

I'm wondering how feasible it is to have separate devices handle the security.
It should be more feasible than having every device be secure? any programmer from any supplier in the entire hospital can now break the security, and everything is down the drain...
seeing how cheap small computers are now, how hard would it be to put a small secure module before each machine securing everything? I think that would be a far more feasible approach in getting a hospital secure!

Comment Re:Environmentalism has to happen naturally! (Score 1) 208

Are you serious? How on earth can environmentalism occur naturally if just raping the earth is economically advantageous rather than doing things a bit more sanely?
How will doing the environmental thing ever be better if we don't impose such regulations, restrictions, laws, ...?
How will properly handling your waste ever be more economical than just dumping it somewhere and not care about it anymore? How will having your cars be economical ever be better than just making wasteful car that is far less complex?

I do agree that not every environmental attempt that is made is the biggest success, and that there often is too much wishful thinking, but waiting until it occurs naturally doesn't seem the way to go either...

You do have one point i guess, killing elephants for their tusks will occur naturally once there aren't any left... as will air polution once it's so terribly polluted that it becomes such a big health risk that noone can ignore it. But i do prefer people trying to stop things before that point, by trying to manipulate the economics of such acts via laws, regulations, ...

Comment Re:I have no debt and a hefty savings account (Score 1) 386

Because saving money and paying off credit is basically the same thing: making sure you have left over money at the end of the month to achieve what you want/need to achieve
I'm from europe, and i can't even imagine what i hear about the american system. I got a very good deal on my mortgage even without having ever had any line of credit. Here they want to know you've got a steady job.
Why would making debt give you a good credit rating? Not needing it and having saved up money, isn't that like the best financial situation you can be in?? Why would they be good in paying off credit? because they can manage their money and have years of managing it very well without ever needing debt, so why would they start not paying now??

I think the truth is more likely closer to what others mention here: why would banks give credit to people who hardly need it, and will never ever be late in paying or transfer balances to the next month? that's where all their money comes from, sounds like a terrible customer to do business with!

Comment Re:School isn't there to enrich lives (Score 1) 246

I've recently seen articles in newspapers about this (and not only about kids, also adults), and the point is that it's against our natural cycle, so going to bed earlier doesn't really fix it. Additional issue is probably that it's also a personal thing, some people will have a different natural cycle than others, so one size fits all will never be optimal

Comment Re: Muslim Kid is a Fraud (Score 1) 361

Luckily this still doesn't discredit the social aspect of the story, but it sucks that he didn't make it himself :(.
I was also wondering how he made it when i saw the picture. I've recently started playing with electronics, and making a clock was a project i did. What i saw was completely not what i expected >_. i saw this wide ribbon wire going to the display, a pcb that seemed professionally made. Didn't look any further into it, but i'm not surprised reading this now...

Comment One of the worst words in the english language (Score 0) 63

Maybe it's because i also speak french (but neither english nor french are my native language), but connoisseur.... wtf. When i first heard it used in Futurama, i actually thought it was a small joke of an english speaker completely mispronouncing a french (connaisseur) word, trying to sound smarter than he was, but it's an actual english word 0_0. I cringe every time i hear or read it.

Comment Re:It might help if courts took hacking seriously (Score 4, Insightful) 40

Just wondering, what dus 50k systems mean in this context. Is it like downloading 50k mp3's (sounds impressive but isn't, you can automate most of it), or is it he put serious work and did serious damage to each of those systems (would be quite a full time job with lots of overtime though).
Just write 1 good worm and you'll have "hacked 50k systems"... It just sounds like some stupid number that's supposed to sound impressive, but has hardly any meaning.

Comment Re:Feminism ruins society again... (Score 1) 599

Then how would you handle hostile environments for such minorities in the fields?
I just heard about something similar in a far less controversial situation: a woman who likes birdwatching who started a group for female birdwatchers to enjoy doing it together. She was sick of the male birdwatching culture that can be very belittling to others, certainly women, and it's things like that that keep women from then joining such activities, making the male domination & problem even worse.
It's just a vicious circle, a majority starts with a behaviour that drives away the minority, and the inequality rises.

If you see a better way to handle such issues, i'm curious :). For now i'm thinking "well done for making your own bird watching club for women so interested women won't be immediately chased away by the men".

Comment Re:MOOC = massive open online course (Score 1, Informative) 87

Ooh, it took quite long for a troll to come at me for not remembering the acronym.
Can't say i read that much about such courses to remember the acronym (although after looking it up it did sound familiar). If you feel that's enough to have a go at me, good for you, you must feel really special and good right now :)
*enough feeding trolls*

"We shall reach greater and greater platitudes of achievement." -- Richard J. Daley