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Submission + - LIGO confirms gravity waves from black hole collision 1

DudeTheMath writes: NPR has a nice write-up of the newly-published results. "[R]esearchers say they have detected rumblings from that cataclysmic collision as ripples in the very fabric of space-time itself. The discovery comes a century after Albert Einstein first predicted such ripples should exist. ... The signal in the detector matches well with what's predicted by Einstein's original theory, according to [Saul] Teukolsky [of Cornell], who was briefed on the results."

Comment Re:the Schedules (Score 2) 111

And even without the schedules, the sellers will tell you when they arrive.
I wanted one, so i kept an eye on pihut, and they announced on their twitter when they'd have new stock, so i made sure i was ready to buy one then, and got one of the second batch they sold. And i'm by no means someone who uses twitter (literally the first time i've ever had use for it, found the post by googling). But if you really want one, how hard is it really to just keep up to date a bit with the shop you know sells it... they know it's important for their customers, so they'll warn them via the channels they have of when they will be available :).

If you don't have one right now, you just don't want it that hard, if you would have, you'd have taken the bit of time it takes to be up to date with when new batches arrive, and order one when it became available.

Comment Re:I saw it coming (Score 2) 172

Why disable it??
My ISP router is like that, and if you enable the public hotspot on yours, you can use those of others too (which i find incredibly useful :) ).
And for security: all that router is allowed to do is have my decent router in its DMZ, and from there on i form my own network where i know exactly what devices i'm using :).

Comment Re:Security is only as strong as its weakest door (Score 5, Insightful) 246

I was thinking: sounds like a fair law, if then the state/police is fully responsible if their backdoor becomes public, and can be abused by others :). But then i think they'd not risk it, because they know the won't be able to keep their backdoor secret, and don't want to face the consequences :).

Comment Re:Addicts (Score 0) 274

As someone who never got the point of drinking alcohol, i just love seeing all the addicts of this harddrug (come on, lets be honest :p) defend their habits XD.

As someone whose father basically drank himself to death, I hope you die in a fire. Then we can both get high on inappropriate schadenfreude.

Hmm, i did probably worded that a bit too harsh. Sorry for that. I meant all the people who come here complaining about how ridiculous the recommendation in the article is to rationalize their alcohol intake (and they would't usually be seen as addicts, although some probably are on a lesser scale). All them "social drinkers" who (as someone already reacted to my comment) are making sure to convince the entire world that you can't live without having drank (enough) alcohol :).

I don't have any schadenfreude with the real addicts (i just find it so terrible that our society trivializes alcohol so much that it's so easy to fall in that trap....). So i'm sorry if it came across like that, wasn't meant like that (and ofcourse also sorry for your loss).

Comment Re:Addicts (Score -1, Troll) 274

"As someone who never got the point of drinking alcohol, i just love seeing all the addicts of this harddrug (come on, lets be honest :p) defend their habits XD"

You've really never lived have you. All you've done is watch a lot of propaganda, been afraid of the world and died slowly. Kinda sad.

Ah, here we have our first "you haven't lived if you haven't drank copious amounts of alcohol" guys XD.
Well i have a very active & social life full of fun stuff to do and nice achievements XD. I feel like i'm living life to the fullest, but if you can't without alcohol, well i can :).

Comment Addicts (Score 1, Troll) 274

As someone who never got the point of drinking alcohol, i just love seeing all the addicts of this harddrug (come on, lets be honest :p) defend their habits XD.
And yes, if you feel better by drinking alcohol, go for it, but don't start bitching when society points out it's not the healthiest habit (and can be quite addictive too).

More in general, i love seeing the eternal conflict of how we try to make alcohol appear innocent ^^. it's normal social thing to do, and it's normal to do dumb stuff when drunk, until you cross some extemely vague border and suddenly you're someone with a problem and an addiction and should get help XD. and doing dumb stuff is all awesome and great stories, until someone gets hurt or it gets sexual, and then it's all your fault XD (not society for saying that losing control by getting drunk is perfectly awesome XD).

But it appears a big part of society prefers it like that :). I choose not to drink (and can't say i feel like i'm missing out in any way ^^), but if other people feel better that way :). I guess it's not much different to weed becoming more accepted, some people just like mind altering substances :).

Comment a Synology NAS (Score 2) 132

I bought a Synology NAS. I've got full control of my data, and sharing it in every possible way is extremely easy. They've got a ton of good packages you can use it with, so it's just installing the NAS, configuring your router, choosing which packages you want (ranging from just file browser in your browser, to a mediaplayer in your browser, to cloud like syncs, to every possible server you can imagine (vpn, web, svn, database, email, ....)) and all fully under your control :).
It may not be open source, but it does run linux :). so even if they don't give a package, you can get it on there yourself :).
I'm very happy i made the decision to buy it, they're not that cheap, but they work very well :). I was also considering rolling my own, but it's just not worth it imo.

Comment "DDOS" the justice system? (Score 3, Interesting) 119

Sounds like as many users that can afford to sue should do that individually, and i wonder if it wouldn't cause problems for the judges/justice system to have tons of individual case where one big case would have sufficed. If they worked together they may even be able to bring the price down a bit on individual cases as there is a lot of work in common for all the cases.
would love to see a real life "ddos" XD

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