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Comment Re:Why not overseas .... (Score 1) 92

Amazingly enough, something like 75% of the existence of the USA existed under tariffs. Was it impoverished and authoritarian back then? Did the government spy indiscriminately on every individual? Did people grow up with the expectations that their children would probably be less well off than they were?

Comment Re:Excess (Score 1) 258

Of course, that's all moot if the land isn't arable without expensive water importation. Or even livable beyond nomadic population densities. Look at the maps and pictures.

You generate the power where people don't/can't live and pump it to where they do. Just like we do in the USA. At least when we're not creating new Superfund sites.

Comment Re:Total Carbon? (Score 1) 258

Trees???? A major part of Morocco is in the Sahara Desert!

Or are we building power plants out of wood these days?

How much carbon does it take to make a fossil-fuel boiler, ship it, set it up?

We're actually not talking much difference, anyway - this is not a photovoltaic solar farm, it's a heat-converting facility. Same as coal or oil based generating systems, but without shipping in coal or oil to keep it going. You can do an awful lot of maintenance if you don't have to budget for fuel or fuel-shipping costs.

And being as it's in a high-sunlight region, you could even do a fair amount of metallurgy using concentrated solar energy if you were really obsessed with setup energy costs. A simple Fresnel lens out of an old flat-screen TV can smelt metal and there are YouTube videos to prove it.

Comment Re:Sad state of affairs (Score 1) 81

... available if requested since these are government employees and the public has a duty of oversight.

Wrong. This is 21ST Century USA. The public has the right to stay at home and shut up. If they want to travel or assemble, they must do so under careful government oversite. The government can look after itself.

The government is required to know all about the people, but only a Terrorist-loving traitor would want information on the government. That information should be classified, along with bus schedules, weather reports, pictures of government buildings and monuments and other possible sources of information that might usable by the enemy.

Comment Re:Huh? (Score 1) 251

some of these calls made me genuinely cringe. i expected to feel "serves you right" but ended up feeling sorry for the callers. they're just people who can't get a job anywhere else.

Are there no prisons? And the Union workhouses. Are they still in operation?

Comment Re:the point (Score 2) 130

Wasn't a common library the entire point of Docker?

Packaging the libs with the app, etc, to reduce dependence on the host OS?

No, although it's one of Docker's features. Docker images are actually stacked layers of filesystem sub-images operating as overlays, so a typical Docker image might consist of a base OS image, several library images built by the Docker build process, culminating in the actual application image. Done judiciously, those sub-images can be shared by multiple application images, thereby saving space in the Docker image store.

But Docker is a lot more than that. You can run virtual networks within containers, share resources between selected containers (and ONLY those container), inject external filesystems into the containers and do many other useful things as well.

Comment Re:Because Docker uses a Linux container (Score 1) 130

Yeah, except that FreeBSD has had 'jails' for over a decade, which are far more secure than anything Docker brings to bear.

Linux has had jails for over a decade. I image that FreeBSD actually goes back further than that.

Docker has jails plus virtual networks plus various other isolation mechanisms, so I cannot credit your assertion that a jail-only mechanism is more secure.

Comment Re:British Airspace (Score 2) 198

If by our you mean the US, the use of the term state to refer to something that is not an independent nation state is at odds with most of the rest of the world.

Except for the United States of Mexico, the Federated States of Micronesia, and perhaps a few others.

Then again, some thought when the USA was founded that the states should be independent. Abraham Lincoln pretty much put a stop to that, though.

Comment Re:Will you stop approving submissions by this guy (Score 3, Insightful) 220

We get it, you're a hackaday shill.

Absolutely. And the title is realy stupid. "One Hoss Shay" - if the horse dies, get another horse, and vice versa. No need to throw everything out just because the horse died, same as no reason to throw a vehicle just because the engine died.


Don't kids learn anything these days? Or do they just hear-and-respond without any thought at all?

Comment Re:Physical media is king (Score 1) 105

I recently was planning to digitize a number of cassette recordings -- radio broadcasts from the early 80's -- and well the horror. Hiss. And these were high quality cassettes.
As with the commercial cassettes easily the worst format in the century of recorded sound -- I think wax cylinders and piano rolls hold up better.


Commercial tapes were often non-dolby and cassette tape hiss was a problem even on new tapes. Dolby addressed that by specifically tailoring the recorded signal towards the high-end frequencies where hiss comes in.

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