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Comment: Developers do NOT need Admin access (Score 1) 605

by RaBiDFLY (#30607026) Attached to: Do Your Developers Have Local Admin Rights?

Recently I've been tasked with network administration (I've been an admin for over a decade but this is not what I was hired to do).

The first thing I did was remove all local and domain administrative privileges from IT and senior Management.

The only person it effected was the IT Director, and once I made the appropriate local file permission changes it was fine.

A few weeks later he found he was missing access to one directory he needed so I logged onto the admin share c$ and gave him access. He was shocked I had remote access to view his files. This was a great boost as to why I have revoked administrator privileges from numerous people (I think I saw him breath a sigh of relief).

Anyway, the administrator access removal has not effected the IT Development team one bit. Once they have all the apps they need installed on their local workstation, and server level access configured for directory/file permissions, they're good to go about their development without a care.


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