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Comment: Re:It's failure (Score 1) 203

by RWerp (#28519179) Attached to: The State of Munich's Ongoing Linux Migration

Open Office has Writer in place of Word, and Calc for Excel.

Can they use this? Can I plug into them the software produced by this fine company?

It's one think to require a key to use an app but it's totally different to require the app access to the net so it can contact MS's servers

OMG, a XXIth century company using XXIth technology for copyright protection. How dare they! They should stick to methods which even a 12 year old kid can break, is that what you're saying?

It's also treating users like criminals when apps install a bunch of spyware such as Windows Genuine Advantage.

Non sequitur.

Yet MS is the only one I know that requires that.

Other vendors do it as well.

Two out of three Windows PCs I bought new did.

Did you pay $200 for each of them, or was it total? ;-)

I also had to have hardware replaced on my PCs, I had to replace the motherboards and harddisks on two new Windows PC within a year

Because you bought cheap crap. No wonder it was crashing.

I never did install Linux though, because the original hardware was not compatible.


Comment: Re:It's failure (Score 1) 203

by RWerp (#28517337) Attached to: The State of Munich's Ongoing Linux Migration

it would have been if they had rushed into switching over

But not switching over and remaining in a limbo is not a sustainable long-term policy. Think about the inconvenience of having two different spreadsheets in use across the administration.

But I agree they could have saved money by using a disto that was available instead of programming their own.

AFAIR they tried, but it turned out to be impossible. Go Linux!

Linux and open source is costly?

In terms of time, for example.

as well as all the apps needed for an office

For most people, if it doesn't have Word & Excel, it doesn't have "all the apps needed for an office".

And it came with an OS from a company that treats it's customers like criminals.

Propaganda slogan.

My other reason was because I got sick and tired of my Windows PCs constantly crashing

Funny thing, my Windows PC does not crash.

having to replace hardware

On a Windows PC you actually *can* replace hardware. On a Linux box, you stick to the working configuration you've got, because buying any new piece of hardware involves doing research on the internet checking if distro X supports hardware Y, version Z.

and reinstalling Windows

What for? I just installed my Windows 2 years after changing the motherboard ago and never reinstalled it again.

What's more costly is paying for something that is not usable!!!

But you said you don't pay for Linux? ;-)

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