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Comment Bugs magically disappear when I am called (Score 2) 78

A user calls and says they have a problem with program x so they call me. When they get there, they cannot reproduce the bug. We assume that the software know that it is whipped once I come into the picture so it fixes itself. You would not believe how many times this has happened over 30+ years.

Comment Not for older people (Score 1) 550

I am over 50 and with with another programmer who is over 50. I had thought about it if it got cheap, but then my "neighbor" told me he regrets doing it. He still uses 2 pairs of glasses. He uses readers you can buy anywhere while sitting at his desk and a half reader (nothing on top, reader on bottom) type of bifocal for all other times. He spent a few thousand to have it done and they didn't tell him it doesn't correct for the most common part of getting older, namely being able to see close things.

Comment Re:Missing option (Score 1) 279

I agree - reliable is the key for me. That is why both my laptops (work and home) have Logitech wireless keyboards and mice. They have long battery life, are comfortable, and work all the time with no issues. My home laptop has the "Unified" receiver which is one nano receiver that controls both keyboard and mouse.

Comment My wife is a nurse (Score 1) 646

She is amazed how many people are "full code" (meaning the staff must do anything to save them), even when they are very old and frail. It is usually the family that wants this. They don't realize what this will mean in reality. It means that if their heart stops they must do chest compressions which will probably break the persons ribs when they are old and fragile.

Comment Re:I may have been one of the first players (Score 1) 53

I played in 1977 at North Branch HS. We had a computer programming class with the teletype connected to MECC in Mankato. We thought it was funny that you could whistle into the modem to get it to try and connect (the modem was literally a box with cups for sticking the phone handset into). The terminal had a paper tape feed. We would have a BANG ready to feed in when it asked. We saved all our own programs on paper tape feed. When I went to Winona State University then next year we still connected to MECC, only now we moved up to punch cards. All our programming all 4 years was saved on punch cards. When programs were due towards the end of the quarter there would be sometimes a 2 hour wait from when you fed your cards in until you got your response from Mankato.

Comment Ate spinach after school because of Popeye (Score 1) 119

In the late 60's I would eat a can of spinach myself after school. It was my favorite. I ate it with apple cider vinegar on it. I can only figure it was because of Popeye. In 1977 when I came out of anesthesia from surgery, I sang "I'm Popeye the Sailor Man" to those in the room.

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