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Comment Re:why did you post this? (Score -1) 235

Assarange cock-licking troll. I now live in China, just a few kilometers from the square. I was in middle school when the events took place and I never heard that anyone was run over by a tank. You are a ignorant cocksucker that I've never known and would never want to know, and you blame others for being stupid and ignorant? Fuck you, sir, a big fuck you.

Comment Re:Why worry? (Score -1) 142

It's not his reading comprehension that's the problem, it's your poor command of the English language. Try this:

My girlfriend of 11 years, who has lived with me for over 5, runs bla bla bla

Don't write like an inverted anus. A bigger problem here is why she spent 11 years with a loser like you without getting married. Either she's mentally deficient herself or too fat to roll away and leave you.

Comment Re:Read between the lines (Score -1) 645

Try pulling your head out of your coincided asshole. Windows 95, as an Operating System, has a metric fuck-ton of more polish than your typical GNU/Linux distro. Even KDE 4 still has hundreds of rough edges like random spacing for no god damn reason. It's a hodge podge of shit thrown together by armatures. Well, I guess now I see why it appeals to you.

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