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Comment I read this book... (Score 1) 265

I'd say the rule is: the more subjective the field, the more the field will cling to arbitrary paradigms waiting for the next generation to replace the current. Pure mathematics suffers from this the least (logic with little room for speculation, interpretation, etc), but all of Science suffers from paradigm inertia even in the face of contradictory evidence because it is practiced by humans with egos and careers and belief systems.

Comment Re:So... (Score 1) 771

Yes, it's a complex world and we must work with limited information. You seem quite smug about the banning of CFCs; do you feel the same way about the banning of DDT? This has killed an estimated 100MM people via malaria. The point is that Chicken Littles may occasionally be right but that doesn't mean that we should overreact out of panic and fear. This study also suggests that we should consider the political motivations of those presenting the evidence (and I'm pointing out that this is a two-way street)...

Comment What this ACTUALLY exposes... (Score 1) 771

If you're a Socialist, you find data on problems which apparently require Socialist solutions to be very convincing and meaningful. If you're a Free Marketer, you find data on problems which apparently require Free Market solutions to be very convincing and meaningful. Don't confuse yourself into thinking that the Socialists are "more scientifically minded" than the Free Marketers: oil shortages, food shortages, mass starvation, global cooling, the hole in the ozone, The Population Bomb, The Silent Spring. Those were all phony manufactured crises from the 60's, 70's and 80's that were exposed before they could "make much social progress" with them.

The issue of Climate Change is WAY BIGGER than supposed rising tides and erratic weather, people. It's a fundamental battle between global political agendas. (All that being said, I'm a Free Marketer who is not a Climate Change denialist; I will fight against Socialist solutions to the problem though)

Comment Re:Tea Party racists (Score 1) 511

Fair enough. Calling me (or whomever) an "ignorant twit" doesn't offend me, only because it doesn't seem to have any traction in the media. It's the presumption of racism that pisses me off because that seems to get echoed, with minimal substantiation, by many sources with little effort.

Did you know that 25% of people who identify themselves as Tea Party members are non-white?

Comment Re:Tea Party racists (Score 1) 511

Err, what? I thought the Tea Party rejects Obama (you know, on an individual level) solely because he is black..? And what the hell are you talking about with Cain being rejected? He imploded over his own stupid sex scandal but before that happened he was kicking some ass... http://cnsnews.com/news/article/gallup-herman-cain-top-choice-tea-party-and-southerners

Comment Strange probability observation... (Score 1) 412

"The asteroid 2011 AG5 is 140 meters across: football-stadium-sized. Its orbit isn't nailed down well enough to say yet, but using what's currently known, there's a 1 in 625 chance it will impact the Earth in 2040. It's behind the Sun until September 2013, and more observations taken then will probably reduce the odds of impact to something close to 0. "

Let me guess...the odds of that happening are approximately 624/625?

Comment we're all defectors (Score 1) 68

I don't like the idea that either you're a defector, or trustworthy. It's really a matter of degree, which is determined by our ethics AND our current situation. Have you ever parked at a meter without plugging it, "hoping" that you'd not get caught? How is that different from stealing from society in other, larger ways, such as robbing a bank (beyond severity of the betrayal)?

Comment Chinese hackers == Chinese Govt? (Score 1) 178

When I hear about Russian hackers, for example, I don't instantly conclude that the Russian Government was involved, but that isn't the general sense I get from people when discussing Chinese hackers...and please know that I'm not condoning or excusing this behavior, and I'm also not saying the Chinese Government is innocent here...just making that observation.

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