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Comment I've identified a potential problem (Score 1) 445

"Racial bias has to be operating, inequities are rampant..."

To assume that gifted people should be scattered equally among all socio-economic demographics is absurd. To the extent that gifted children have gifted parents (which is reasonable), and to the extent that being gifted allows you to avoid poverty in adulthood (which is also reasonable), we should not be surprised at these results.

I guess a point could be made that gifted black parents who had gifted children were not historically given the chance to pull themselves or their children out of poverty, but inequities alone do not indicate any bias.

Comment Re: The Arctic is NOT doomed (Score 1) 125

"Most" are from the 2000s only because those are the easiest to find and falsify (i.e. in the internet age)! You specifically asked for a failed prediction from Al Gore, of which there are many, and easy to find! Makes me believe that perhaps you are choosing not to see a certain perspective. http://wattsupwiththat.com/201...

Comment Re: The Arctic is NOT doomed (Score 1) 125

By "over there" do you mean in America or people with my views on the subject? Because it seems presumptuous to think I deny climate change just because I recognize there have been so many awful, failed predictions. I don't reject the science of climate change but I definitely reject the politics of it, and all of the doomsday scenarios come with a political agenda attached to them!

BTW, I checked in to exactly ONE WUWT claim, arbitrarily picking the last one. Feel free to Google the quote below. Seems pretty unlikely that they would poison such a grand list with a couple of easily falsifiable claims, doesn't it? That's exactly what an Environmentalist would latch on to in order to discredit the rest of them.

"Using computer models, researchers concluded that global warming would raise average annual temperatures nationwide two degrees by 2010." Associated Press, May 15, 1989.

Comment Re: The Arctic is NOT doomed (Score 2) 125

See this is part of the movement. When it comes to nuanced hard data, Environmentalists cite Science...but when it comes to INTERPRETATION of that data they have no problem using every hyperbolic, apocalyptic prediction in every news article they can get their hands on. If these "predictions" don't come to pass it isn't a problem because they can just ask for "peer-reviewed papers" making these predictions. I don't suppose you're old enough to remember the Global Freezing predictions of the 70's? Anyway, failed climate predictions from prominent news and political sources abound if you care to look. http://wattsupwiththat.com/201...

Comment Re:Paul Ehrlich, eh? (Score 1) 149

That's a fair response, and I agree. I just think that, specifically in Paul Ehrlich's case, he has a clear political agenda that he's pursuing using fear tactics. He didn't make a prediction, he made MANY of them, all Doomsday Catastrophic predictions about then End of Humanity...50 years ago! The guy is a joke. Sometime's it actually is appropriate to question the source.

Comment I read this book... (Score 1) 265

I'd say the rule is: the more subjective the field, the more the field will cling to arbitrary paradigms waiting for the next generation to replace the current. Pure mathematics suffers from this the least (logic with little room for speculation, interpretation, etc), but all of Science suffers from paradigm inertia even in the face of contradictory evidence because it is practiced by humans with egos and careers and belief systems.

Comment Re:So... (Score 1) 771

Yes, it's a complex world and we must work with limited information. You seem quite smug about the banning of CFCs; do you feel the same way about the banning of DDT? This has killed an estimated 100MM people via malaria. The point is that Chicken Littles may occasionally be right but that doesn't mean that we should overreact out of panic and fear. This study also suggests that we should consider the political motivations of those presenting the evidence (and I'm pointing out that this is a two-way street)...

Comment What this ACTUALLY exposes... (Score 1) 771

If you're a Socialist, you find data on problems which apparently require Socialist solutions to be very convincing and meaningful. If you're a Free Marketer, you find data on problems which apparently require Free Market solutions to be very convincing and meaningful. Don't confuse yourself into thinking that the Socialists are "more scientifically minded" than the Free Marketers: oil shortages, food shortages, mass starvation, global cooling, the hole in the ozone, The Population Bomb, The Silent Spring. Those were all phony manufactured crises from the 60's, 70's and 80's that were exposed before they could "make much social progress" with them.

The issue of Climate Change is WAY BIGGER than supposed rising tides and erratic weather, people. It's a fundamental battle between global political agendas. (All that being said, I'm a Free Marketer who is not a Climate Change denialist; I will fight against Socialist solutions to the problem though)

Comment Re:Tea Party racists (Score 1) 511

Fair enough. Calling me (or whomever) an "ignorant twit" doesn't offend me, only because it doesn't seem to have any traction in the media. It's the presumption of racism that pisses me off because that seems to get echoed, with minimal substantiation, by many sources with little effort.

Did you know that 25% of people who identify themselves as Tea Party members are non-white?

Comment Re:Tea Party racists (Score 1) 511

Err, what? I thought the Tea Party rejects Obama (you know, on an individual level) solely because he is black..? And what the hell are you talking about with Cain being rejected? He imploded over his own stupid sex scandal but before that happened he was kicking some ass... http://cnsnews.com/news/article/gallup-herman-cain-top-choice-tea-party-and-southerners

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