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Submission + - Most Americans think media has liberal bias

MCraigW writes: "The vast majority of American voters believe media bias is alive and well — 83% of likely voters said the media is biased in one direction or another, while just 11% believe the media doesn't take political sides, a recent IPDI/Zogby Interactive poll shows. Nearly two-thirds of those online respondents who detected bias in the media (64%) said the media leans left, while slightly more than a quarter of respondents (28%) said they see a conservative bias."

Submission + - SFBags.com Expands line of Custom-Fitting Sleeves

Heidi writes: "WaterField Designs now has custom-fitting sleeves for several of the hottest new PC laptops, including custom sizes for different battery options (see list below). Many bag companies produce specialized bags for Apple laptops, but few do so for PCs. WaterField Designs offers PC users laptop protection that is specifically designed for their model.

IBM/Lenovo X60 tablet (one size for 4 cell battery, another size for 8 cell battery)
Dell D420 (one size for 4 or 6 cell battery, another size for 9 cell)
Fujitsu P1610 (one size for 3 cell, another size for 6 cell)
Sony TX (one size for large battery, another for standard battery)
Toshiba A135
HP dv9000z and HP TC4400
Alienware Superman Returns
And hundreds of others...

The WaterField SleeveCase is a slim, durable covering made of ballistic nylon and shock-absorbing neoprene. WaterField currently offers over 40 different size SleeveCases and allows users to customize their sleeves in a number of ways to meet their individual needs. Because all design and manufacturing are done in San Francisco, WaterField is able to produce new sleeve sizes as soon as models are announced.

Here is a link to our product page so that you can take a look: http://www.sfbags.com/products/sleevecases/sleevec ases.htm.

Every laptop deserves a proper fit."

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