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Comment Who will win? (Score 1) 119

Netflix = Blockbuster, Redbox = Hollywood Video (and/or regional competition to Blockbuster) Who will win? Content. Comcast + NBC + Yahoo + ESPN... Violate the first rule of Usenet before its too late to get your regurgitated 'high definition' content of movies and series concepts already produced. Just Sayin'...

Comment Hey Bevis, he said Cyber... huh huh, huh huh... (Score 1) 42

The U.S. is gonna take their cyber and combine it with Canada's cyber, and they are going to jointly communicate about all things cyber related. If a cyber attack is detected on U.S. or Canadian 'ground' you can bet we are gonna take our cybers out and kick the cyber out of them!

Comment Re-focusing the FBI on more important issues GOOD (Score 1) 372

Although I enjoy the comments and the expected rhetoric from this thread, there is an important trend that should be emphasized: This is, and should be called 'State Sponsored Espionage' - The FBI and other government organizations have been directed to do something about a new threat. Land, Sea, Air, and now Net, are areas of major concern. Secondly, if you talk to your local FBI agent that is associated with cyber crime, a huge percentage of their time is spent on.. Hunting down pedophiles. Since the chess game is in motion, I would prefer my tax dollars being spent on Knight, Queen, and Rook moves, rather than they day-to-day pawn moves. Strategically we need to be adjusting to this new defense model. (ref. Black Hat 2010 Keynote from retired general) (Notice I left out Bishop as a key move to avoid all the potential comment references to Catholic priests....)

Maybe Computer Science should be in the College of Theology. -- R. S. Barton