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Comment Re:Chrome Remote Desktop (Score 1) 408

Since I am considered to be a go-to IT guy for my friends and family and about 90% of them are using Chrome anyway, the transition from LogMeIn (and VNC for couple of them) was easy.
On their side it was just one plugin to install, per-session passwords (PINs) are nice (nothing to write down and/or remember (forget)), great performance regardless of platform.

Comment Re:Very cute. (Score 1) 38

They can generate mediocre techno

And in related news, Skrillex will be suing for copyright infringement and trademark dilution. Skrillex was quoted as saying, "I own bad electronic music, dammit! I work hard to make loops in Garageband and press Play on my Macbook!"

I see Skrillex has already been covered, logging out of this thread satisfied. :P

Comment Tablets != Desktops (Score 2) 272

After seeing the latest "innovations" both Unity and Gnome 3 brought to the table, I made a switch to Arch Linux with OpenBox, permanently.

IMHO both Unity and Gnome 3 are doing a great disservice to Linux

"Optimized for tablets..." What tablets? Where are the Linux tablets? All I see is out there are iPads and Androids, with Microsoft joining the fray with Windows 8 soon.

What will probably end up happening is what we've already seen with Linux on desktops: Ubuntu and possibly some other tablet-optimized distro will try to sign up a hardware vendor (say, Dell, since they seem to be somewhat friendly to the idea)....and fail, due to the market realities (aka. other OS vendors with deep pockets and deeper market penetration will eat their lunch)

Then they will try to position themselves as an alternative OS on somebody else's tablet (be it Android or Win8), with minuscule uptake (hobbyists and enthusiasts) - mostly because they will have too many rough edges being not fully optimized to run on proprietary hardware.

In the meantime the majority of Linux laptop/desktop users will struggle with the tablet-optimized UI ....or switch to something more usable, maybe even go back to Windows.

Comment Wait, what? (Score 1) 261

Second paragraph of the TFA: "It's a sad fact of human nature that people tend to want things for as low a price as possible."

Why would that be sad part of human nature?
Aren't all living organisms essentially opportunistic?
I know this is not really live or die kind of situation, but.....

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