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Journal: Anonymity at Slashdot 2 2

Journal by Quixote
I just found something interesting. I had posted a cheapshot as an AC on a thread. Later, I got moderation points; and when I moderate, I browse at level 0. To my utter surprise, I saw that the comment I posted as AC did not have the moderation dropdown box; the other posts did. This leads me to believe that somewhere at /., they keep your ID attached to AC postings.

I wonder what would happen in case of a subpoena or other such judicial order?

So, word to the wise: please be careful when you post something as AC, because it is most definitely not anonymous.

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Journal: Wind Power

Journal by Quixote
Well, I've come to the realisation that its time I started doing something about the environment. No, of course I can't solve all the problems overnight. But every step in the right direction brings us one step closer to the solution.

One of the easiest ways that we can Do Something(tm) is to start buying more wind power. Today, coal-fired electricity plants are one of the biggest polluters around. If we are to move towards more 'earth-friendly' sources of power (like wind energy), then we have to create a market for wind-energy-suppliers. Remember, this is a market economy: without demand, there's no supply.

If you live in the Northeast US, you too can do what I did: sign up to buy wind power. I've signed up so that my electricity now comes in a 50/50 mix: 50% hydro and 50% wind. It'll end up costing me about $5/mo extra.

Is it worth it? Hell yeah! I can save $5/mo by not buying my third daily cup of coffee once a week!

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Journal: Back from KC

Journal by Quixote
I'm back from Kansas City (KCMO). Some points of note:
  • Philly Airport is one huge shopping mall!
  • As we are landing in KC, I see cows grazing off to the right... Dorothy, I think we are in Kansas!
  • Tried out some Cajun cookin' at Hot Tamale Brown's Cajun Cafe Express.
  • I was surprised to see the number of open WiFi access points.. did some 'war-driving' and managed to get on the net too, and without a Pringles' antenna. Netstumbler rocks!
  • Work led me to the Subtropolis, the world's largest underground business complex. This thing is like a HUGE Batcave! It is definitely one of the weirdest places I've been in.
  • Checked out Harrah's Casino. The glazed looks in the eyes of the slot-machine addicts was too scary! I just grabbed a free coke and popcorn, and was outta there...
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Journal: Dawn of a new day

Journal by Quixote
Dawn spirals into day, and day into dusk, and dusk into night, and night into a new dawn

It'll be cool to come back in a few years and read some of this stuff. I hope /. is still around for that to happen, though.

Just got back from Boston (interesting place), and now I'm headed to Kansas City for a work. I hope there are some fun things to do in KC, I've never been there. Hope to checkout a Blues joint or two.

Stupid item of the day: Ebay buys PayPal

If you can't learn to do it well, learn to enjoy doing it badly.