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Comment: Re:Just stop watching TV (Score 0) 479

by QuietEarth (#26557017) Attached to: Most Hackable Coupon-Eligible DTV Converter?

Unfortunately, no. Amazon accepts the territory protection scheme in place to protect the interests of various publishers, you have to buy from your local Amazon if you want to get a DVD

Actually no.
I have ordered stuff from,, amazon-Australia, and with no issues.
From Amazon UK I just received Season 1 & 2 of Doctor in the House. Have also ordered other DVDs from them (Space 1999 etc). Speedy delivery to Canada - just over a week - usually no customs duty or tax on the UK stuff. Don't think they watch UK mail as much as mail coming from the US. Had to order The Quiet Earth from Amazon Australia as .ca and .com did not carry the title at the time.

When ordering from these stores you probably will end up with region 2 or region 4 dvds. Region coding is a nuisance but it's easy to circumvent (no DMCA in Canada ... yet).

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