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Comment Re:Terminator (Score 1) 236

Japan has just announced the opening of the Henn-na Hotel this month in Nagasaki Prefecture, staffed almost entirely by "actroid androids" (10 robots for 72 rooms). We will have to wait to learn if they come as Actroid Android Overlords or the cost-saving feature the hotel owner desires. Having seen photos of the desk clerk, I expect the revolt to come only from the uncanny valley. http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/hotel...

Comment Re:"If you have nothing to hide..." (Score 1) 203

When buildings and vehicles get burned and stores get looted, you rebuild the one and restock the other. When people get killed, or have their heads or spines broken, the remedy is not so easily arranged.

You seem to hold property in a markedly higher esteem than human life.

Comment Re:state of the science (Score 1) 167

My wife named the dog Kat.

Now when the dog gets into something and you holler at her the two cats pop there heads up and have a "What? I wasn't doing anything" look on there faces.

Yes, but cats would do that anyway. Even if they were up to their pointy ears in the mischief.

Comment Re: Must example set of him (Score 1) 629

If you are sending in your official removal notification, that would be the Eugene Pool.


Also, too, one double click to change the smooching homos to a JPEG of the Straits of Magellan, for example, would have taken 3/5ths of a second, instead of indulging oneself in these bloody histrionics. Tell me true, the teacher also was the school drama coach, am I right?

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