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Comment Re:Same reason we're looking for earth-like life (Score 1) 275

There are two types of barbarian. One kind marvels at innovations and honors any being which create them, while the other kind of barbarian is afraid innovations, and tries to destroy any being who can create them. Surely, someone from a truly advanced civilization would realize this, determine that our civilization contains both kinds, and steer a wary course around our rustic little planet.

Comment Re:Not mutually exclusive.. (Score 1) 442

I liked when Trump explained that he donated to all the candidates to make them obliged to him, so when he needed a favor, they would jump when he said "frog."
I mean, everyone already knew it worked that way, but no uber rich nutter had ever came right out and described the process in such plain language before.

Comment Re:Terminator (Score 1) 236

Japan has just announced the opening of the Henn-na Hotel this month in Nagasaki Prefecture, staffed almost entirely by "actroid androids" (10 robots for 72 rooms). We will have to wait to learn if they come as Actroid Android Overlords or the cost-saving feature the hotel owner desires. Having seen photos of the desk clerk, I expect the revolt to come only from the uncanny valley.

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