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Comment Won't work (Score 1) 242 242

So he claims 10% at 10 feet - so lets assume 10 watts input power

A 10 foot sphere has a surface area of 1257 sqft

1 watt over 1257 sqft is 0.0008 watts per sqft

Lets be generous and assume the whole of the phone case is a receiver.

A phone is about 10 inches sq, so a bit under 1/14th of a sqft.

0.0008/14 = 0.000057 watts. That isn't going to be much power for your phone.

That also assumes you left your phone facing the transmitter rather than edge on.

Comment Re:Need a control. (Score 1) 327 327

Yeah, but how do you aim that 1 watt directly into each of those 100 seeds? The angular diameter of each seed as seen from the access point will be tiny. Most of the RF energy will be absorbed by the soil, the trays, the air, the table, the walls, the experimenters...

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