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Years After Shutting Down, Tevatron Reveals Properties of Higgs Boson 73

Posted by Soulskill
from the only-collides-particles-if-you-throw-a-rock-at-it dept.
sciencehabit writes: A U.S. atom smasher has made an important scientific contribution 3.5 years after it shut down. Scientists are reporting that the Tevatron collider in Batavia, Illinois, has provided new details about the nature of the famed Higgs boson — the particle that's key to physicists' explanation of how other fundamental particles get their mass and the piece in a theory called the standard model. The new result bolsters the case that the Higgs, which was discovered at a different atom smasher, exactly fits the standard model predictions.

Comment: Re:It works both ways (Score 1) 886

Geneva Convention?, if I remember correctly after all it started in Lake Geneva, in the late 60s. All type of Gaming, or it was the last time I went about 3 years ago but is considered wargames convention more that a Role Playing convention and was founded by Gary Gygax who co-created D&D. It was about 56,000 attendance last year.

How Police Fight To Keep Use of Stingrays Secret 140

Posted by Soulskill
from the you-can-trust-us dept.
v3rgEz writes: The NY Times looks at how local police are fighting to keep their use of cell phone surveillance secret, including signing NDAs with Stingray manufacturer Harris Corp and claiming the documents have been lost. It's part of a broader trend of local agencies adopting the tactics of covert intelligence groups as they seek to adopt new technology in the digital era. "The nondisclosure agreements for the cell site simulators are overseen by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and typically involve the Harris Corporation, a multibillion-dollar defense contractor and a maker of the technology. What has opponents particularly concerned about StingRay is that the technology, unlike other phone surveillance methods, can also scan all the cellphones in the area where it is being used, not just the target phone. ... For instance, in Tucson, a journalist asking the Police Department about its StingRay use was given a copy of a nondisclosure agreement. 'The City of Tucson shall not discuss, publish, release or disclose any information pertaining to the product,' it read, and then noted: 'Without the prior written consent of Harris.'"

Comment: Re:Recipe for Success (Score 1) 107

by QuantumLeaper (#48325995) Attached to: Landfill Copies of Atari's 'E.T.' End Up On eBay
Some of the ET ones are going for $600+ range, if you call the cheap, thats up to you. Games back then cost $30 to $50 (rare but not unheard of) back in 1983, I used to buy them NEW in the store, and I still have a couple with the Prices still on them. BTW I have been playing and buying videos games since the 70s.

Comment: Re:Antecdotes != Evidence (Score 1) 577

by QuantumLeaper (#48043681) Attached to: Will Windows 10 Finally Address OS Decay?
How old of an OS are you running? Since my friend who LOVES Macs, hated it when he upgraded the OS, the last time, it went from usable to a snail. He still used the Mac but downgraded the OS to the old version, he now uses a Win8.1 PC to play his games on, it runs a lot faster. And it only a few months newer than the Mac. I believe it the same CPU and similar video card. I had to fix his PC a few months back, his video card died, that's the only reason I know they both have the same CPU, and similar video cards, I told he should upgrade the video card, but he was a cheap skate.

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