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Comment: Questionable evidence (Score 1) 157

by Qatz (#36755694) Attached to: New "Last Dinosaur" Find Backs Asteroid Extinction
I always take such finds with a grain of salt. Especially when there are a number of theories that are competing with it. First off there is a large margin of error in the K-T boundary. Second it was an asteroid may have *GASP* moved a lot of dirt, and possibly brought things closer to the surface.

Comment: It's stil young (Score 1) 476

by Qatz (#36410900) Attached to: Friday's Big Swings, Mostly Down, Illustrate Bitcoin Value Volatility
Bitcoin is still a young "currency" and there are relatively few buyers and sellers. This level of volatility is to be expected. Chances are good it will stabilize, and climb back up in value. Then this will happen all over again. Eventually that will stop happening but it's going to be awhile.

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