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+ - SPAM: Astronomers find tiny planet orbiting tiny star

Submitted by
FiReaNGeL writes "An international team of astronomers has discovered an extra-solar planet of about three Earth masses orbiting a star with a mass so low that its core may not be large enough to maintain nuclear reactions. "Our discovery indicates that even the lowest mass stars can host planets," Bennett said. "No planets have previously been found to orbit stars with masses less than about 20 percent of that of the sun, but this finding suggests that we should expect very low-mass stars near the sun to have planets with a mass similar to that of the Earth. This is of particular interest because it may be possible use NASA's planned James Webb Space Telescope to search for signs of life on Earth-mass planets orbiting low-mass stars in the vicinity of the sun.""
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XBox (Games)

+ - Xbox 360 Failure Rate Reaches 33%?

Submitted by
Knuckles writes "DailyTech reports that with a failure rate around 33%, "the Xbox 360 is the least reliable gaming console in recent history", with launch consoles even worse. The numbers were found by polling EB Games and Gamestop employees, who answered under strict anonymity, and verifying the results with other retailers, such as Best Buy. DailyTech does however not disclose the number of employees they asked. EB Games Canada allegedly had to change their warranty policies to cope."

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