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by PurpleAlien (#44712483) Attached to: Huge Canyon Discovered Under Greenland Ice
High Coast (Sweden) and Kvarken Archipelago (Finland)

"The geomorphology of the region is largely shaped by the combined processes of glaciation, glacial retreat and the emergence of new land from the sea which continues today at a rate of 0.9 m per century."


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One of the main reasons the Japanese have been doing so much work on human looking robots is a social problem: they have a graying population (for a long time already), and the goal was to have robots that could replace people taking care of the elderly, disabled, etc. In that use case, it helps to have a robot that looks human instead of a possibly creepy looking machine. Problems such as the 'uncanny valley' issue were intended to be solved as well.

+ - GPS Tracker project also improves Raspberry Pi performance

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "There is a GPS tracking project seeking funding on Indiegogo: and they have released a video demoing their software on a Raspberry Pi: They seem to have managed to make some really cool improvements to the Raspberry Pi's Linux base with significant performance enhancements to the desktop. From the video description:

"This shows a customized desktop environment for the Raspberry Pi primarily based around Cairo-dock and XFWM4. It has several performance tweaks applied. It furthermore shows the i.AM GPS Mapper application and some of its features running on the Raspberry Pi. Care has been taken to allow best performance on this low power system, but not all optimizations are present in this demo. It also does not take advantage of Wayland/Weston (that's planned for when those become more stable), so everything is done on the CPU and no offloading to the GPU is done!""

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That's true, but keep in mind Qt for iOS and Android is very, very new and who knows what the furute will bring. Baby steps :-)
QtWebKit on desktop platforms (Linux, FreeBSD, Windows) is fast by the way. We did some tests on a Raspberry Pi and QtWebkit is faster than e.g., Midori (also Webkit based, and the default on the R-Pi).

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Not only that, but it allows integration of Web technologies and native code, having the best of both worlds. For example, on the desktop side, you could call Javascript code in Webkit from the C++ side of things, and vice versa. I actually just uploaded a video showing this on the Raspberry Pi (starts at ~50 seconds in): In case you're wondering what that is, it's a GPS Mapping application for our trackers (for more info, see our Indiegogo page:
This allows for optimized applications on low power devices, while still being able to use web technologies where it makes sense.

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this increases their operating costs

This is the reason we run our non-profit,, on a per project basis with basically no running operating costs at all. We find funding for our projects in our spare time, not as an employment deal. We have gathered a team of people from around the globe who put their time and effort into the foundation, nonsalaried. Of course, people willing to do that are hard to find, but the ones that are willing to do this are the ones you really can rely on. We also did not just pop into existence one day, even though the actual body was only launched a couple of weeks ago. We combined the efforts of several companies, their past projects, leveraging their skill sets across the projects we want to achieve and find funding for those on a per project basis. If there is no project ongoing, there are no running costs.

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Coming from a country where college is free: you have to make sure there is no stigma against trades / tech schools. It's not that because it's college it's automatically 'better' or 'higher'. Also, it's not that because it is free, everyone is going to make it or even like doing it - far from it actually.

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