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Comment The real problem (Score 1) 334

is that while other companies have to prepare for disaster or have an action plan in place in case of disaster, oil companies do not. Impending hurricane? It might stop production of oil for a day or two, so we have to raise prices in preparation for that. Then even if nothing happens, they don't have to repay that money or put it aside (like any other company). They get to keep that as profit and then the next quarter earnings reports show "a record profit" It's bullshit. The oil companies should have money put aside for unplanned events (disaster preparedness) just like any other company has to do.

Comment Images are already on Google (Score 1) 336

If you search for "Jennifer Lawrence nude" on Google, you get quite a few pictures back (fake I'm sure). So why didn't Jennifer just say "Those are fakes" and be done with it? It's getting more attention than it should simply by her stating that those pictures were real and stolen... Had she simply stated they were fake, this would have been a non-issue.

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