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Comment: Let it go!!! (Score 1) 472

If you have any type of social networking account (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, etc...) then you gave up on your privacy long before the NSA had access to anything. Hell 60% of the FB accounts are fake government accounts anyway. I myself have nothing to hide and the government can read my email, text messages, instant messages, snail mail, all they want. Let them knock themselves out as I don't care. They have been reading your personal data for over a decade (Patriot Act saw to that). This is all old news and there's nothing to see here.

Comment: Before 9/11... (Score 1) 427

by Puppet Master (#43373923) Attached to: TSA Log Shows Passengers Say the Darndest Things
There was no TSA (this was in the 80's) and I was an airport police officer. Had some great times there. They used to have large (7 foot tall) wooden signs that read "WARNING! - It is a federal crime to even joke about having a gun or bomb" This was in large letters, and next to the carry on search x-ray machines. I happen to be standing next to that sign one day and a kid (about 20) said "Ha ha... Guess what? I have a gun in my bag"... I replied "Ha ha... Guess what? You're going to jail". He didn't believe me :)

Comment: Re:Well, maybe the Indian site will end up on /b/ (Score 1) 241

It may be a criminal offense, but it's a US law, meaning that the US is NOT going to go to India and do anything. I therefore think that foreign countries should not be allowed to use the DMCA. And it definitely needs to be changed so that original authors won't be hurt by the fact that the hosting provider takes their content offline for 14 days. The DMCA has the right idea, just not the right way to be handled.

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by Puppet Master (#41295317) Attached to: Microsoft: As of October, 1024-Bit Certs Are the New Minimum
According to GlobalSign (one of the largest CA's), they stopped issuing 1024bit keys back in 2010... The lowest encryption they (and most CA's) use now is 2048bits. All orders placed from November 29th 2010 will only be accepted with a CSR key length of 2048 bits or higher. This is to fully comply with the National Institute of Standards and Technology Recommendations (NIST) and the mandatory requirements by Microsoft's Root Certificate Program to issue Certificates from a minimum of 2048 bits by January 1, 2011. Maybe it's related to the Y1969 bug :)

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