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Comment: Summary that misrepresents the Article... *shock* (Score 5, Insightful) 373

by Puls4r (#46266465) Attached to: Report: Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) Scans Your DNS History
Actually, the article doesn't say anyone has been banned using the data. It specifically says that NO one currently knows what happens with the data. So that's a pretty large red herring. That doesn't negate the heinousness of them tracking the websites you visit *just* in case you might cheat. Very NSA-esque.

Comment: Re:UK invented HTTP. (Score 2, Informative) 193

by Puls4r (#46228845) Attached to: ICANN's Cozy Relationship With the US Must End, Says EU
Despite your sarcasm, you're right.

The countries that invented that particular item can go ahead and specify anything they want inside their borders. If countries outside those borders don't like it, then they can ignore it.

ICANN is no different. Don't like it? Then go make your own. Just because the internet has gained universal acceptance doesn't mean you get a say in how it's administered in the US. There is nothing saying you can't stick a bunch computers between your country and the internet and administer everything inside your own borders any way you want. If you want it to work on *our* internet, then make it compatible with ICANN. If not, get out.

Am I being rude? Yes. Because I'm pretty sure ANY country would react the same way to a bunch of other countries constantly whining about something like this. It took hold in the US first, and we went through creating the system so it works. You guys plugged in. If you don't like it - then unplug.

Comment: Re:I do not look forward to this. (Score 1) 336

by Puls4r (#46141927) Attached to: Through a Face Scanner Darkly
Why not take it a step further? A 15 year old female gets pregnant by a 15 year old male. Guess who's likely to be charged with statutory rape and guess who's not?

The lists are jokes because our legal system is built to be flexible. When you get into a situation where you have a law that says your name goes on regardless of the reason, but only because of the verdict, then it's the equivalent of zero tolerance.

Comment: Re:Threatning the midwest! (Score -1) 684

by Puls4r (#45879125) Attached to: Polar Vortex Sends Life-Threatening Freeze To US
More right than you know. We've seen this many times before in the last 20 years in terms of snow here in Michigan. And the cold? Well..... it's cold. It tends to do that in the winter. As for other states like Kentucky that might get snow and cold... I suggest a unique item called a 'coat'. Perhaps you can stay home a day or two as well until it melts... *BREAKING NEWS* - It's a slow news day because nothing has blown up and no one has been shot. Let's name a snow storm.

Comment: Re:Valuable how? (Score 5, Insightful) 511

by Puls4r (#45798671) Attached to: US Federal Judge Rules NSA Data Collection Legal
You're falling into the chasm of rational arguments they are trying to shepard you into. Keep in mind the initial argument. We are protected from having them collect this data. You have already started arguing how the data is valuable. That's exactly what they want you to do, because now if they can prove it's valuable (even in some false manner), they've 'won' that portion of the argument. Always return to the initial argument. You CAN NOT SPY ON AMERICAN CITIZENS LIKE THIS. Regardless of how 'valuable' it might be. It'd be even more valuable to put a chip in each and every one of us to monitor every last thing we do. Then there would never be crime that goes unsolved. Force all foreigners coming in to get the same chip. After all, wouldn't stopping all crime be extremely valuable? This judge was gotten to in some way. Because he ignored the laws and simply started justifying the actions. Don't fall into the trap of changing the basis of the argument. It's illegal. Leave my information alone unless I give it to you.

Comment: There's more to the story (Score 4, Interesting) 129

by Puls4r (#45623427) Attached to: Trans-Pacific Partnership Includes Unwanted Elements of SOPA

The TPP is horrible in a number of ways. It creates so-called free trade between the countries in a number of areas, including automobiles. Unfortunately, if you know anything about the markets you know that even while the Japanese may not place tariffs on automotive products from the US, their market is absolutely closed to US product through a number of other legal but fairly immoral actions.

To top it off, the Japanese are even WORSE at currency manipulations than Americans. As of this second, Japan enjoys an $8000 imbalance between autos made over there versus what we can make them over here, specifically because of their intervention in the currency market.

Free trade doesn't work when countries can play games, dumping products and using massive government subsidies to drive people out of the market. The Automotive industry is virtually the last bastion of American manufacturing, and supports a huge proportion of what remains of the American middle class.

This is a BAD partnership. Oppose it.

Comment: Re:How about NEW cars? (Score 1) 487

by Puls4r (#45468121) Attached to: Musk Lashes Back Over Tesla Fire Controversy
You information about collisions is correct, however it is in NO way dependent on Tesla to make first responders aware. There are many hybrid vehicles now on the market that have large capacity batteries installed. Pretty much every car maker has one, if not many models. Responders need to be trained, but that isn't a responsibility you can realistically lay at Tesla's feet.

Comment: Schools Teaching Morality (Score -1, Flamebait) 250

by Puls4r (#45394911) Attached to: MPAA Backs Anti-Piracy Curriculum For Elementary School Students
Schools are meant to teach educational subjects, not moral ones. Sex education, climate change, and now piracy are all issues that should be taught at home, not at school. It's a parent's job to teach right and wrong. Not a school. Unfortunately, too many parents are pursuing careers and should have never been 'parents' in the first place. Sending your kid to school, then to football, then letting him play videos games, eat dinner, and go to bed is NOT being a parent. In fact, you're not doing any parenting at all. Is it any wonder they're not learning morality and ethics?

Comment: Already considering uninstalling firefox (Score 4, Insightful) 362

by Puls4r (#45209173) Attached to: Firefox's Blocked-By-Default Java Isn't Going Down Well
I'm not a developer, but I'm pretty savvy with computers. So the first time I got that message, I went and updated Java. Fixed it, right? Nope. So I clicked around, and finally accidentally clicked on the little red icon up in the menu bar. Success! Now it gave me an option to run it. Which popped up another window asking for permission. Dear Firefox: You have a small portion of the browser market. Making yourself a nuisance by breaking big pieces of the web is not intelligent. It just drives people to chrome, or IE. Especially everyday users who don't want to screw around and just want things to work.

Comment: A solution in search of a problem (Score 3, Insightful) 102

by Puls4r (#44996727) Attached to: New Headphones Generate Sound With Carbon Nanotubes
I wasn't aware that our current headphones had any problems that would be addressed with nanotubes. We have small phones that fit in the ear, big phones that look stupid on peopel, and everything in between. In all my years of using earbuds, it's always the cord that fails. Not the buds themselves. Now if they can fix THAT problem, that'd be worth something.

Comment: Re:Absolutely the case (Score 5, Insightful) 369

Your comment will probably get a lot of responses, just because of the hatred and misinformation that it contains. I'm not fan of the far left (nor the far right), but let's for a minute remember who created the department of homeland security. George W. Bush. Let's also take a look at who created the TSA. George W. Bush. Who signed the Patriot Act into law? George W. Bush. I don't know about you, but I don't think any of the people listed above are part of the 'Extreme Left'. Yet somehow the people I listed above have done a fabulous job restricting freedom. I'm not really interested in left or right. I just find it sad that people like you can't distinguish the forest through the trees: ALL our politicians have contributed to this problem. The sad fact remains: Russia is right. We are becoming a police state, especially with regards to extradition and our borders where we claim our laws don't apply.

Comment: Google Glasses (Score 4, Insightful) 486

by Puls4r (#43749159) Attached to: Larry Page: You Worry Too Much About Medical Privacy

You know, just the other day I was at the water cooler with my Google Glasses on. Janet's description showed that she was three months pregnant. She's unmarried and spends a lot of time with Bob.

Bob's description suggests he was tested for an STD just a couple months ago. I wonder if he told Janet.

Oops. Just got a popup that I can pay google $10 a month to keep my medical records from showing up on google glasses. What a steal!

Comment: Re:Not to mention... (Score 2) 455

by Puls4r (#43647683) Attached to: Why Your New Car's Technology Is Four Years Old
I'd love to return to standard dash configurations too. However, that doesn't have a lot to do with why manufacturers put certain components in cars. The fact of the matter is that unless most people WANT that particular feature, it's not even going to get a passing glance by a car manufacturer. In addition, 10 gigs is still enough for 99% of the consuming public to fit their entire mp3 collection on. To other posters: The first thing you need to do before having this conversation is set some reasonable goals. 10gb harddrive? Covers just about everyone. USB port for charging? Sure. Audio in / ipod integration? Why not. Bluetooth? Easy. And all those items cost the manufacturer very little to include. It's a win/win. Swappable and upgradeable components? Why? To satisfy the .05% of computer geeks who want to customize their infotainment system? Not a chance in hell. These companies don't 'cheap out'. Saying that is like asking why every laptop on the market isn't coming with a pre-installed SSD drive for you operating system and a 3 terabyte drive for storage. It's because, for the average consumer, that makes NO sense. Allowing end-user upgradeability is the bane of all companies, because they don't want to deal with all the people invitably blaming them for problems that weren't caused by the OEM. There's a reason that car manufacturers don't warranty your car if you've swapped out your ECM, or your motor, or etc etc.

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