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Comment: Re:Cashless can't happen, here is why ... (Score 2) 371

by Pseudonym (#47445957) Attached to: Predicting a Future Free of Dollar Bills

Never say "never". The kid who occasionally mows my lawn has a smartphone. I can see a day, not too far off, when this is the customary mechanism for doing that kind of payment. As soon as the transaction cost goes down to negligible.

So yes, there may come a time when government-supplied currency tokens are obsolete for almost all transactions. That may not be in my lifetime, although the phasing out of postage stamps may happen in the next couple of decades. Illicit transactions may just move to barter.

Comment: Re:"unwarranted invasion of personal privacy" (Score 1) 173

by Pseudonym (#47445881) Attached to: NSA Says Snowden Emails Exempt From Public Disclosure

Oh, you naïve person, you. Don't you know that your privacy rights aren't violated as long as you never know your personal data was being scraped and stored? It's the disclosure that is the privacy violation.

Besides, the data is only "collected" when someone looks at it. It's basically Schrödinger's database.

Comment: Re:C++ and CppCMS (Score 1) 534

Functional programming is just a subset of OO programming.

In exactly the same sense, OO programming is a subset of functional programming. An object is nothing more than a tuple of functions each of which has a hidden parameter.

But then, you seem to think that C++ is an OO language, which makes me wonder if you actually understand Modern C++ (in the Alexandrescu sense) at all.

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