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Comment: Re:Wow gorgeous (Score 1) 295 295

I'm trying to figure out what happened to the frosted glass Microsoft promised us. In the screenshots from the article we only see frosted glass in the start menu and taskbar but everything else, like the window titlebars, is still flat and bland.

I hope at least the frosted glass is part of the DWM again so that Stardock can take advantage of it in WindowBlinds.

Comment: Re:Fluidics was very big some 25 years ago (Score 2) 67 67

It produced some PhDs and some R&D grants. But never went beyond academic labs.

The typical automatic transmission contains a fluidic computer, and that was the only computer they ran on until the 1980s. However, today the trend is towards shift-by-wire, with no linkage present even to handle limp-home mode shifting. If the electrical system serving the trans goes south, it's dead, Jim.

All the more reason to continue driving manual. Unfortunately manual transmission cars are getting increasingly hard to find as more people who don't know how to drive prefer everything automatic.

Comment: Re:Oh mozilla (Score 5, Interesting) 351 351

Why not? It works for Apple.

On a more serious note I've been a loyal Firefox user for the past 12 years however I'm getting rather upset with the direction it has taken the past couple years, however I don't want to use Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer or Edge (all of which are owned and maintained by large corporations) and since Opera has jumped on the WebKit bandwagon making it a glorified Chrome skin I'm thinking maybe it's time for a new open source browser. The only browser I can think of that isn't tied to some other browser is Konqueror but unfortunately I find KHTML to be somewhat awful and even if it wasn't Konqueror is *nix only.

tl;dr: Mozilla has become detached from what made early Firefox versions great and it's probably time for them to be replaced.

Comment: Re:first, don't let them put their shit on YOUR ph (Score 1) 776 776

... an app that her employer required her to run constantly on her company issued iPhone ...

There is the problem right there. She is using a company issued phone and is surprised when the company wants to keep track of where it is?

My company issues me a phone that does something similar but I never use it for this very reason. It costs me nothing to have their phone and why they think I need it is beyond me but I still have and use my own personal phone and just leave the company one at home unless I'm out on official business.

Comment: Re:Plasma Media Center (Score 2) 64 64

I feel your pain; I hate this shift toward flat soulless UIs.

Personally I think KDE 4's Oxygen was beautiful but it isn't flat enough by today's standards apparently. As for Windows I feel Windows Vista was the pinnacle of Window's appearance because personally I found it very pleasing to look at and very easy on the eyes unlike Modern UI with its flat clash of colors.

Comment: Re:Zoloft is a 1000 times worse (Score 4, Insightful) 187 187

I had depression in college. They put me on Zoloft. It makes your head feel like its in a cave. While I'm sure the intent is to make sure your lows are less, it also makes your highs less. How was I supposed to get undepressed if I can experience as much happiness as before? I guess its for people who experience lows way more often than they experience highs.

How long were you on Zoloft? Sometimes the first few weeks can have very strange side effects that will diminish over time but on the other hand everyone's chemistry is different and perhaps Sertraline just isn't as compatible with your body as much as other people's bodies. Sometimes Prozac will work for a person who didn't get much benefit from Zoloft or perhaps Zoloft will work for someone who didn't get much benefit from Effexor. For me, personally, Zoloft has been a life saver; it elevates my moods and helps me control my anxiety.

I also have this theory formulated from both my own personal experiences and my observations of other people is that people who have depression, or other mental disorders, are so used to such extreme emotions that taking a drug that brings them down to an emotionally nominal level feels like being turned into a zombie to them because they're only used to feeling everything to such an extreme.

Comment: Re:NIMBY strikes again (Score 1) 228 228

Native Hawaiians are mostly anti-technology, anti-progress, anti-growth, anti-business, and anti-modern-world. They generally oppose anything that changes anything.

Coming from Arizona where a quarter of the state the feds have given to Indian reservations I can tell you that it is pretty much this way anywhere there are native cultures, though to be fair not all of the tribes are like that.

Comment: Re:Easier to Destroy than Create (Score 2) 146 146

(Personally I'd like to see an XML sub-language to control the browser's interface and menus, and I can copy that XML to any desktop or device to have the browser interface be MY WAY all the time. I don't want an org dictating my browser interface. An "interface builder" utility would probably have to be provided for non-coders. Rough draft of such an idea: )

You mean something like XUL?

Comment: Re:Virgin airspace (Score 1) 213 213

Probably not. Hitting anything, let alone a moving target, from 500 ft with a shotgun is doubtful unless you're using rifled slugs with actual sights but even then I'd be surprised.

While we're on the subject anyone shooting above the horizon with anything other than birdshot is an idiot.

Comment: Re:I record all my calls (Score 2) 237 237

Be careful with this. In some states it is illegal to record a conversation unless a certain number of parties or all parties agree to being recorded.

In my state in particular only the consent of one party is required and that party can be yourself if you're a participant of the conversation.

Comment: Re:Needs fairly strong justification (Score 1) 700 700

1) Mum and dad don't have to be teachers. 1-on-1 instruction is so much superior to classroom education that there is really no comparison.

I think home schooled students can really benefit from a parent's creative curriculum that they probably would never get in a public school. One example I can think of is that when I was around 2nd or 3rd grade my mom bought one of those huge fact books and made it part of my daily curriculum to read something in the book and at the end of the day report to her some fact I learned. Before long I went through the whole book and was digging into encyclopedias for interesting facts, usually obscure historical information and after awhile I developed a reputation among my (public schooled) friends in the neighborhood as being a human encyclopedia. I really feel home schooling's flexibility cultivated in me a thirst for knowledge that may have went undeveloped in the crowded and rowdy public school system.

Also speaking of home schooling's flexibility when I was growing up my dad would get his paycheck every other week early in the morning so my mom would take us with her down to the factory to pick up his check. Since we were out and about on a early Friday morning my mom would look for opportunities for an educational adventure. One experience I remember in particular is at a park near where my dad worked there was a police officer on duty; she talked to the officer and explained we were home schooled so he showed my brother and I the inside of his police car and explained how everything inside worked and what it was like being a police officer. Having my mom as a teacher was like living inside a Discovery channel show.

Something else that no doubt helped was that my state in particular offered a great deal of support to home schoolers. In my first year my mom even talked on the phone with somebody at the governor's mansion for help on getting started. I feel the state really wanted to see home schooling succeed.

Comment: Re:A different set of pros and cons (Score 1) 700 700

I was homeschooled K-12 and am now in medical school (as a nontraditional student, after having worked as a programmer for 10 years).

Are you me from the future? I was entirely home schooled and for 4 years now I've been working as a programmer but ever since I was little to this day I've wanted to be a physician so bad.

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