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Comment: Re:Necessary? (Score 5, Informative) 199

by Pronkzilla (#30305270) Attached to: Brain of Patient H.M. Being Sliced, Streamed Live
I am a pathology resident who has done about ten autopsies and from my limited experience I can say that this practice is absolutely necessary. The reasoning behind sectioning the brain is to obtain tissue for histologic examination (i.e. under a microscope). This is done to correlate clinical or radiologic findings with actual disease processes. A simple example would be a case of a small brain hemorrhage, where the radiologist thinks he/she sees some bleeding in a certain area of the brain. On autopsy, we can slice up the brain, take sections to be processed and placed on a glass slide, and actually look at the brain microscopically to confirm that there was indeed hemorrhage in the area of brain suspected by the radiologist. Also, brain sectioning/microscopic evaluation can reveal lesions or abnormalities that are not visible to the radiologist (i.e. early Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, etc.)

Comment: QBasic and Scorched Earth (Score 1) 718

by Pronkzilla (#22054816) Attached to: What Was Your First Gaming Experience?
Anyone remember 'Gorillas'? It came with some QBasic package that my dad was running on a 386. That also reminds me of 'Schorched Earth' which my brother and I would play for hours, flinging 'Death heads' at random off the bouncy walls to see how many AI tanks named 'Wilbert' or 'Deiter' we could smash into oblivion.

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