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Comment: Rules are rules (Score 1) 693

by ProBro (#34270616) Attached to: 200 Students Admit Cheating After Professor's Online Rant
This isn't an argument of school syllabi or binding contracts, nay. This is an argument of right and wrong, and of education ethics. In my opinion all those who cheated should be failed. People broke the rules, and there needs to be consequences. In a capstone course such as this, you are well into your transition out of college. The students have been given ample opportunity to act ethically and prove themselves in their journey through academics. If people cannot act ethically NOW (while in school), when will they begin to uphold integrity? They must be taught a lesson.

Comment: Rainy days (Score 1) 110

by ProBro (#34265170) Attached to: <em>Gran Turismo 5</em> To Be Released November 24th
The in-game rain effects are simply stunning. The beads of rain break and scatter with changes in the wind. Now I can drive 200mph and get blinded by rain streaks on the CYBER highway! I must say though, the overall visual appearance is a bit glossy for my liking. It seems to throw off the realism, doesn't it?

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