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Comment: Re:1932 Singer Sewing Machine (Score 1) 702

by PrimeWaveZ (#46790249) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Tech Products Were Built To Last?

My mom has a Singer from the mid 1920s (according to her) that is the most bulletproof piece of hardware I recall ever using.

About the only thing that has been done to it, as far as I can tell, is that the drive belt and power cord have been replaced due to material decomposition.

Comment: Re:Lies. (Score 1) 353

by PrimeWaveZ (#34004806) Attached to: Want Flash Player On a MacBook Air? Download It Yourself

Aside from Flash and print/device drivers at the kext level, I can't think of any third party software that ships as part of Apple's OS installation.

Apple no longer bundles Stuffit Expander, Internet Explorer, Netscape, MacLinks, or any of that stuff anymore.

Can you tell me the names of any applications that were bundled and are being removed?

Comment: Re:Lies. (Score 5, Insightful) 353

by PrimeWaveZ (#34004066) Attached to: Want Flash Player On a MacBook Air? Download It Yourself

Actually, Flash for the Mac does not have an auto update mechanism. Many people rely on Apple to supply Flash updates by way of OS updates. It's been that way for years. The latest spate of security issues with Flash has changed the landscape a bit.

When Apple qualified a version of Flash to ship with an OS update, but that version is a revision behind what Adobe has publicly posted, Apple is given shit for not having the latest update in their distribution. When Apple decides to let Adobe do the legwork in getting the newest version into peoples' hands, Apple is given more shit.

I don't see this being much different from the position on Java: third-party crap that they don't want to be responsible for anymore.

If Adobe wants to have Flash be up to date on the Mac, they can do it themselves.

As an aside, but as a still peripherally-related statement, about the only third party software I'm in favor of Apple supplying themselves is printer drivers. That stuff is constantly changing, and though I rarely print, I think that it's more important to support those vendors and get the latest print software out there than to get the newest versions of slow, antiquated runtimes onto machines.

Comment: Infringing use of Apple's Safari logo? (Score 1) 310

by PrimeWaveZ (#28943649) Attached to: Bell Starts Hijacking NX Domain Queries

I would imagine that their use of the Apple-designed Safari logo (it is stored on their server at is an infringing use of Apple's intellectual property, especially if it is designed to appear as though Safari itself generated the message and cause confusion as to the source of the message.

Get Apple legal's hounds on Bell and see what happens.

Comment: Boss man is blowing it up your skirt... (Score 1) 837

by PrimeWaveZ (#27730323) Attached to: Handmade vs. Commercially Produced Ethernet Cables

My father-in-law does commercial data wiring and has been doing it for almost 30 years. He hand cuts 99% of his stock and my wife and mother in law are his "termination specialists" when he's got big jobs to do. Just a week or two ago, they were manually installing ends on Cat 6a for 10GbT install at a major company locally. IN THE KITCHEN OF MY HOUSE.

He gets contracts and repeat business for being EXTREMELY efficient in his cable cutting and clean in his routing and organization in the racks and rooms. You just can't get the kind of "fit and finish" as I'd like to call it from commercial cables. Cable waste from pre-cut is usually really high, and a lot of other contractors just pull from the spool, whereas F-I-L actually measures lengths, pre-cuts into bundles for each set of drops, and has a few feet AT MOST of leftover cable on each spool when he's done. He has a simple integrity tester for jobs that don't require certification of the cables, and one of those crazy ass frequency spectrum testers that measure the throughput for each pair for the jobs that do.

Belkin ethernet cable is the Monster Cable of UTP: useful and sometimes good quality but overpriced as hell and usually much better deals can be found. Your boss probably got a hand job in the rack room from a Belkin rep, or he's been reading too many of Belkin's reviews for pre-cut UTP.

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