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Comment Runbox (Score 1) 601 601 - Runbox offers a bunch of domains (like FastMail), POP and IMAP access, interesting support of text-messaging notifications, lots of storage (including FTP file storage access) for a pretty low price. I've been using them as a provider for many years now, and have been very happy with the service.

Submission + - Unintended Consequences of Rogers' Packet Shaping

knorthern knight writes: "To counter P2P programs that encrypt their traffic to evade detection, Rogers Cable in Canada has apparently started throttling ALL ENCRYPTED IP TRAFFIC, according to this article on Michael Geist's blog. How many of you log in to work over a VPN or ssh-tunnel? How many get usenet news, or email over an encrypted connection. This could be a problem for Rogers Cable customers. Michael Geist, who happens to be the "Canada Research Chair of Internet and E-commerce Law" at U of Ottawa, has "been advised that the University computer help desk has received a steady stream of complaints from Rogers customers about off-campus email service.""

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