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Comment: Re:Did the author completely overlook,,, (Score 2, Interesting) 289

by Powerbear (#32857766) Attached to: What Nokia Must Do To Stay Relevant In Mobile

Companies that want make money, make money.

At the end of 2009:

Nokia made $1.1B total with a 35% mobile phone market share
Apple made $1.6B on just the iphone with a 2.5% mobile phone market share

What's the better business to be in again?

Comment: The best reason I've heard for why to stop Adobe.. (Score 1) 497

by Powerbear (#31932644) Attached to: Adobe Stops Development For iPhone

from doing the Flash to iphone porting.

Let's say that Adobe is wildly successfull and 10%+ of the available iphone apps are flash converts. ( I could easily see 50K flash ports )

Then say Apple wants to change the way they do things in OS 5 or 6 which will break all those apps.

Apple will be at the mercy of Adobe to update their software to work on the new OS or those apps won't work. ( Adobe seems to be on a 2 year release schedule )

If all the programs are written in Objective C, all Apple needs to do is update the compiler ( which they control ) and all the apps can be ported to the new OS without issue.

Comment: Re:I'm not upgrading... (Score 1) 983

by Powerbear (#31785346) Attached to: iPhone OS 4.0 Brings Multitasking, Ad Framework For Apps

Google releases a new operating system. You will be able to upgrade your new HTC Desire.

( ) They day it's released
( ) A few days after it's released
( ) A few months after it's released
( ) Never. HTC Makes money by selling you a new phone with a new operating system. They don't really have any incentive to upgrade an old phone with the latest features.

Apple releases a new operating system. You will be able to upgrade your old phone.

( X ) The day it's released. Every feature may now be available, but if the hardware can handle it. It'll work.

Comment: Re:It won't work. (Score 1) 881

by Powerbear (#28967621) Attached to: Murdoch Says, "We'll Charge For All Our Sites"

Just because there are a number of quality news sources now that are available for free. It doesn't mean this will always be the case.

Print is currently subsidizing the online stuff. Revenues are constantly decreasing.

There will come a point where the number of quality sites will be so infrequent that a quality site will be worth paying for.

As soon as someone can come up with a workable micropayment system, everyone will jump on board.

This looks like another opportunity for Steve Jobs....

All great ideas are controversial, or have been at one time.