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Open Source

+ - Group Funding for Open Source Projects->

Submitted by PowerMacG4
PowerMacG4 (575064) writes "There's a new way to get your bugs fixed., a new site for "no-hassle, winner-take-all freelance gigs, by hackers, for hackers", just released free group funding support for open source projects. "We're like Kickstarter, in that we believe that people can do great things when they put their money together, but our implementation is different. [...] Gigs posted here aren't by people who want to be pre-paid for their work, but by people who want to see work done.""
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Comment: Re:worked for me (Score 1) 166

by PowerMacG4 (#37724684) Attached to: 100,000 iPhones Overwhelm Activation Server
Nope, this happened to both me and a friend of mine. We went in a store and they changed out the SIM because we couldn't get it to activate yesterday and once they did, it was fucked forever and Apple had to replace the phone. My friend is still having trouble getting Apple to believe him that AT&T bricked it.


by PowerMacG4 (#37720692) Attached to: 100,000 iPhones Overwhelm Activation Server
DONT FOLLOW THIS ADVICE: Adds an anonymous optimist: "The solution? Call AT&T by dialing 611 and talking to an operator to perform a manual activation with your IMEI and SIM card #, works every time!" It will brick your phone (Apple's servers will reject your phone due to "mismatched SIM" and it will refuse to activate) and you will need to go to an Apple Store for a replacement. I spent all fucking day doing this.

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