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Comment Re:lol yea sure (Score 1) 204

To be honest, the MS UNBLUR images are clearly better thant SHARP 1 and SHARP 2, at least for me. Their method allows the software to user more data than any post-processing filter, data that will not be preserved in the image itself. For some people, unless if it adds a substantial fee to a phone or small cam, it is a benefit that cannot be replaced by a simple filter.

Comment Re:Horribly misleading (Score 1) 814

Most people who have Linux PC (either as a server or a desktop) probably have a Windows PC too because you can't really do everything with Linux.

Maybe you can't really do everithing with linux, but others can. Today you can pretty much do everything with any major OS, it all depends on your tastes and habits. Having a windows pc is not mandatory.

Comment Re:True that (Score 1) 551

More like: no wonder Windows is more popular than Windows.

Is windows really more popular than windows? I always thought that windows was clearly left behind by windows not the opposite. Gee, the it world is so confusing, but as they say : windows is to windows what windows is to windows.

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