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Comment: Password Reminders DO make it easier. (Score 1) 420

by Popsmear (#24601091) Attached to: Password Resets Worse Than Reusing Old password
I was looking up selling my steam games on ebay and then discovered it was not "legal". I also happened to find someone who took a screen shot of their steam account games page. Which just happened to have his full email address.

By googling his email I was able to determine which college he went to and worked at the radio station. He also had a facebook that listed his home town.

I attempted to log in to his email account (Yahoo!) and tried to do a password reminder. It asked me what his high school mascot was. There was only two high schools in his town and I made a guess. I was right.

I then had access to his account and all it took was a little googling and an educated guess. Password reminders are the devil. Luckily I was nice enough to do nothing with it.

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