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Paris Bans Half of All Cars On the Road 405

Posted by samzenpus
from the to-drive-or-not-to-drive dept.
cartechboy writes "Pollution is becoming a very large issue in major cities due to the amount of vehicles on the road. To try and help this issue Paris just banned all vehicles on alternate odd and even license plates today and tomorrow. Of course, electric cars and hybrids are exempt from the new restrictions as they aren't part of the problem, rather they are seen as part of the solution. Naturally taxis, buses, emergency vehicles, and cars carrying three or more passengers (hooray for carpooling) are also exempt. High levels of particulate matter are blamed for all the various respiratory diseases, while higher oxides of nitrogen are a primary cause of smog. We'd have to say that this ban probably won't be the last one as traffic levels increase over time."

Comment: Re:Or, projectors and tablets together (Score 1) 150

by PoopMonkey (#42546563) Attached to: College CIO Predicts Tablets Will Kill Smart Boards

I can't say for sure if it's true for all smart boards (i don't know how many there are) but the one we have in our office is a projector as well. Short throw projector on top of the board. It was actually cheaper going that route than a projector that could do the same resolution too. And it means that we didn't have to try to install a projector on the ceiling or sit it on a table. We use it more for projector than the board aspect but the capability is there.

Comment: Re:C is for consumer (Score 1) 138

by PoopMonkey (#42475607) Attached to: Apple Loses Claim For False Advertising Regarding Amazon "App Store"

And who knows what they "have in the works"; because Apple doesn't announce anything until it is a "done deal".

You have a more liberal definition of "done deal" than the rest of the world, methinks. One word: maps. Unless in that case you think a done deal is "sub-part mapping software circa 2001"

Comment: Our software got hit by this too (Score 1) 245

by PoopMonkey (#41402585) Attached to: Sophos Anti-Virus Update Identifies Sophos Code As Malware

It really appears they were just flagging anything that had Update in the path anywhere. One of our customers reported this to us. Three of our applications have Update in the file name, so they were flagged, as was their own updater. When I was looking up information about this, I found on the forums that in addition to their own software, they also quarantined, Adobe, Google, and a couple other apps that had update in the name. It isn't even based on JUST the filename. Anywhere in the path caused it to happen.

Like others said, how this could've even made it out of the lab is beyond me.

Comment: Re:Never a good idea.. (Score 1) 233

by PoopMonkey (#40984659) Attached to: Touch Interfaces In Cars Difficult To Use

I have the opposite results... Convertible with top down at speed, "Call xxx home" and system says "call xxx home?" and then dials... The only problem is if there are two names that are close, like if I had Jamie and Janie in the phone book, it's questionable how that'd go. But I suppose a last name would likely clear that up.

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