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Comment: Re:Flawed? (Score 3, Funny) 187

Define old. At my son's school, across the street from our house we had a classroom in a portable. And not just *any* portable: Built in 1941 for the army, and installed at the school in 1943 to temporarily help with overcrowding in the regular classrooms. Our neighbor, who is 95, lived here when it was installed and her kids (who are now great grandparents!) attended class in it. My son, now 13, also enjoyed this classroom. This "temporary" portable, literally spitting distance from the Hayward fault, wasn't even anchored to the ground - elevated by four feet of stacked blocks of wood . Even crazier... the thing was riddled with asbestos tiles, and had a mold problem. The portable went away last year - 70 years after it was installed. I'd like to think that the paperwork I submitted to the city and state to have the portable declared a historical landmark worthy of preservation had something to do with it.

Comment: No. This is not an artificial pancreas. (Score 2) 119

by PongStroid (#44987309) Attached to: FDA Approves Wearable "Artificial Pancreas"

We've had insulin pumps for decades, and continuous glucose monitoring systems for many years. This is just a small iteration on top of that. The new thing? If the CGMS thinks your blood glucose is low, the pump is instructed to stop giving insulin.

This ain't an artificial pancreas by any measure - even the manufacturer says as much.

Comment: The future is now! (Score 2) 210

by PongStroid (#35153072) Attached to: JAXA To Use Fishing Nets To Scoop Up Space Junk
Quark! A series from 1978 predicted all of this:

The show was set on the United Galaxies Sanitation Patrol Cruiser, an interstellar garbage scow operating out of United Galaxies Space Station Perma One in the year 2222. Adam Quark, the main character, works to clean up trash in space by collecting "space baggies" - unfortunately for Quark, while circumstances frequently dropped adventure into his lap, he was always ordered back to collecting garbage when the action was over.

Comment: Re:Temporary solution? (Score 1) 148

by PongStroid (#34531558) Attached to: Diabetic Men May Be Able To Grow Their Own Insulin-Producing Cells

Not to mention that with the pump you HAVE to eat when it's time - or else.

I'm a Type 1, and have been on an insulin pump for 13 years. Pumps afford the exact opposite of what you say here. The basal rates you program into the pump should allow you, when done correctly, to NOT eat at all - if you ignore plain old hunger. If you're having to ingest carbs to counteract your basal dosages, you're doing it wrong - and I can't state this strongly enough. Bolus dosages - e.g. the ones you take when you eat - work exactly like your eat/shot strategy you describe. A type 1's blood sugar will rise - in the absence of both food and insulin - and I'd be really surprised if this wasn't the case for you.

Comment: Re:How are these getting indexed? (Score 2, Informative) 241

by PongStroid (#30536090) Attached to:'s Aggressive SEO Tactic Spams Google

<h1 class="offscreen">Welcome to Target Products and Promotions</h1>
<h1 class="offscreen">your mom is hot Products and Promotions</h1>
<a href="#mainBody">Skip to Main Content</a>
<a href="#leftNav">Skip to Left Navigation</a>
<a href="#scripted_tabs">Skip to Product Information Tabs</a>

These are used to allow users navigating the site with screen readers an easier time. Search for 508, screen readers, and accessibility for more info. A bit more searching will show target was sued 3 years ago for its site not being accessible to blind users.

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