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Journal: Milestones 1

Journal by mcgrew

Last weekend Mars, Ho! passed the magic 40,000 words, the number of words necessary for a science fiction work to be a novel.

Comment: Re:Creepy (Score 1) 175

by budgenator (#47437679) Attached to: DARPA Successfully Demonstrates Self-Guiding Bullets

What I've pieced together is it's a 50 cal smooth-bore discarding sabot system, the round is aerodynamically stable with the center of gravity ahead of the aerodynamic center and is fin stabilized. The round has no inertial guidance so I assume that it wouldn't be able to use nutating scanning techniques and any spin would be unnecessary complication.
Cryptographic modulation, more likely none in the first interation, then a very profitable MWO to add a simple coherency signal adapted by reading a barcode on the round as it's loaded.

Comment: Re:Creepy (Score 1) 175

by budgenator (#47437595) Attached to: DARPA Successfully Demonstrates Self-Guiding Bullets

An obvious countermeasure would be to have the laser turn on only when the trigger is pulled. With a velocity of about a km per sec, the bullet won't give you much time to "remove yourself from the area".

So it'll be easy to recognise the important bad-guy because he'll be the one wearing the MILES gear, a second doesn't give you enough time to vacate the area, but you only have to move farther that the bullet has time to correct.

The likely target of this weapon is going to be some impoverished kid wiring up a dud mortar round as an IED by the side of the road.

Yeah right, the chain of command is going to authorize shooting a $50K bullet at a kid; also if somebody has to paint the target, then only a few dollars more gets you a live video feed so command can watch and control any engagements. I see this as being a replacement for the AGM-114, Hellfire missile on Predator and Reaper drones against soft, point targets. One problem we're having now is the bad-guys is using tactics that maximise collateral damage. these bullets will counter those tactics and give our drones he ability to engage many more targets.

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Journal: Mars, Ho! Chapter Twenty Nine

Journal by mcgrew

Destiny and me woke up at the same time the next morning. We cuddled a while, made love again, then made coffee and took a shower together while the robots made us steak and cheese omelettes and toast and hash browns. Destiny put on the news. There was something about a problem in one of the company's boat factories; some machinery malfunctioned and killed a guy. I sure took notice of that! They didn't really have much information about it, though

Comment: Re:Climate Change on Slashdot? Bring on the fun! (Score 1) 387

by budgenator (#47420645) Attached to: Blueprints For Taming the Climate Crisis

" The GCMs really do not seem to work."
why do you think that? they work very well. They have even lead us to make new discoveries about the climate.

" They clearly run way too hot. "
no, they doi not. Another baseless statement I suspect you have no clue how models work. in general, much less in any specific field.

When I keep seeing graphics like this and and this which all show the majority of computer climate models over-prediction the current temperatures.

I'm going to ask you a question. If you can not answer it, then you need to STFU and learn some science.

My turn, What is Equilibrium Climate Sensitivity and how much is it? for extra point don't WattsUpWithThis, Skeptical Science or Wikipedia.

Comment: Re:X-2 and X-3 (Score 1) 103

This might be an interesting concept, a combined land/water speed record where the land speed is made with the boat trailered, then the boat's speed on water is added to that, of course the boat would have to be launched from the trailer and tow vehicle. That would be right up Top Gear's alley.

Comment: Re:Chattel slavery is so passé (Score 1) 21

by mcgrew (#47406323) Attached to: The Counter-Revolution of 1776

You're a little behind the times, that stopped eighteen years ago when PWORA was passed and AFDC abolished.

These days slaves are made with "right to work" laws and strict limits on the extent of the safety net.

I gained my freedom this past February. YAY! Free at last! Free at last! Thank God almighty, I'm free at last!

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Journal: Mars, Ho! Chapter Twenty Eight

Journal by mcgrew

"Good morning, Mister Green."
"Good morning, Mister Osbourne. Ladies, gentlemen, I had a particularly trying day yesterday, as a few of you know," the CEO said, looking at his chief of engineering. "We have a serious problem in the company and it lands squarely in your laps. Folks, we're getting complacent and sloppy and it stops right here and right now or heads are going to roll.

"I'm not a god, I was misquoted." -- Lister, Red Dwarf